‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 6 (2015-07-03)

It was unfortunate for the current team that Yap was hit by the powerful Typhoon Noul (early May) during their period of filming, with heavy rain and strong winds and cancellation of scheduled flights. Fortunately the island did not get a direct hit which might have caused more damage and hardship for the islanders.
Thankfully the team and filming crew were safe but they had to alter their filming plans due to the flight cancellation. Han Byeol was supposed to return to Korea while 2 new members, Da Som (Sistar) and Jin Woon (2AM) were flying in to join the team. The 2 new members had already arrived in Guam but were unable to take the connecting flight to Yap while a disappointed Han Byeol was unable to leave. 
Sang Hyun had a little mishap while making his bamboo tent. Fortunately it was minor but I dread to think it could  have been worse. 
The members managed to catch one of the wild chickens using the trap they had set up earlier.
Jeong Jin gives Sang Hyun a scare by sneaking up behind him and shoving the chicken next to his face.
The members had used a split bamboo stem to cook the pieces of chicken meat in the fire pit but they appear to be overcooked and looks tough.  At least it’s edible and something to fill their hungry stomachs.  
6-3Sang Hyun thought it tasted like smoked duck meat.
They had already felt the effect of the wind the previous night but the typhoon’s hit the next day brought strong winds and heavy rain, 
The team was unable to proceed to their next filming location as the roads were blocked by uprooted trees.
The road leading to the airport was also closed so Han Byeol had no choice but to turn back.
Briefing by the PD and being told that the 2 new members could not join them due to the flight cancellation but they would have a special guest.
6-6Since no flights were coming in, who could it be?


Much to their amusement, their special guest turns out to be Han Byeol.
Did anyone notice that bow and arrow in Sang Hyun’s hand?
6-9Jeong Jin had guessed correctly that she would be unable to fly home.
Before the team sets out for their camping site, the PD mentions a deal which would be revealed to them after the siren had gone off. The siren is set off once a day; if my guess is correct it is probably a typhoon notification system to either give an all clear or to warn of danger.


While Byeong Man and the others set up their tents, Sang Hyun decides to make a circular one using bamboo strips for the frame and thatched with banana and coconut leaves. But the repeated hacking at the long bamboo stem was rather tiring for him, probably due to lack of energy from not having proper meals.
Ji Won hits upon an easier way by placing the blade across a Y-shaped trunk to split the bamboo stem when it’s being pushed against the trunk. He certainly has an innovative mind.


The sudden upward swing of the sharp strip of bamboo on separation from the stem hits Sang Hyun on his lips and causes it to bleed. 



Being attended to by the team doctor.
Fortunately the  cut was minor and did not require stitching up, but what if that sharp strip had hit him in the eye?
6-17Sang Hyun’s cute little bamboo and leaves tent.
Their deal with the PD was a coconut bowling game in which each member would get a throw. The team would receive a watermelon with each strike but should they fail, they would have to give up the bamboo tent. After a bit of bargaining, the PD agreed to their suggestion of getting a chicken with 3 strikes.
Much to their delight, Ji Won gets a successful strike. Their bamboo tent was safe and they got a watermelon. 2 more strikes to go.
Sang Hyun’s turn next. His stance of spreading out for maximum stability reminds me of a similar game he had played with the members in the variety show Human Condition 2.


One bamboo pin was left standing and when it too toppled over, the members broke into loud cheers.
Just one more strike to go.
6-23Unfortunately they did not get a third strike so they would only have watermelon for dinner.
Ryu Dam persuades Sang Hyun to try the bilimbi which the members had earlier plucked from the nearby trees. Su Bin seems to enjoy eating them so they should taste fine, right?
Su Bin likens the taste to that of vitamin powder. Though a bit skeptical but willing to give it another try.


Since Han Byeol’s re-joining the team was unscheduled, the PD had promised to give her a special concession. If she could hit the coconut from a distance of 7 meters with a single throw, she would be able to make a request. They felt that getting a hit with just 1 throw was a bit hard and when the PD refused to allow more throws, Han Byeol said she would not do the filming then. The PD finally relented by promising to give them 2 benefits if she gets a hit.
Much to everyone’s delight, she had a hit and they would receive what they had requested for  ….. a pot and flour. 
Unfortunately it started to rain as they prepared for bed.
Sang Hyun’s tent had a leak through the leaves so he had to add some cover to the roof. 


Byeong Man and Su Bin had a good catch of mullet during their late night fishing along the shore. Since the members did not have much food for dinner, this must have been very much appreciated.


In next week’s episode 7 ……
Han Byeol is still with the team. I wonder if she had decided to stay on instead of returning to Korea.



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5 Responses to ‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 6 (2015-07-03)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Unfortunately, I was unable to watch this episode online as I was on a team-building training at the Danube River bank at Csepel, connected to a short dragon boating! If SH was rafting we were dragon boating! It is a funny, but hard work! 😀 Unfortunately, I was unable to sit at the drum! 😦

    Perhaps, it was a stormy weather at Yap, but I think it wasn’t so bad as it was before in case of another team. I am bias of them because of the rain, as here it’s 40°C in shadow and I hate this Saharan air flow, but I think without real home with that stormy weather it could be a terrible experience. Mainly for HB who wanted to go home or who knows?! Otherwise, it’s funny to see a car behind SH in the Jungle!!! and a mobile in his hand on the 5th photo… 😀
    I could understand the fear from cock, but not from chicken. I have bad experiences with one of my aunt’s cock. She had 3 gradens, one for the house and flowers, second for livestock and third for vegetables and fruits! So, if we wanted to have some fruits, we had to cross the second garden, where that cock was the commander. We looked around but there was no cock, but when we had no chance to run away (in the middle of the garden) he came and pinched into the Achilles tendon, it was very painful! He was very clever, but after a long torturing time by him, we gave up and he has finished in the pot! And the chikens got a new cock! 😀 But at least SH and the team could stuff their bellies! 😀
    They become more and more skillful!!! And I think SH is very inventive! 😀 The fishing “net”, the raft, the hut, the bow and arrow (mordern Robin Hood) 😀 Unfortunately, who tries to do his best could be injured by chance! It was bleeding hardly, but I think SH tolerated it very well! By the way that hut was really good! It reminded me to my room when there was a very big banana tree in it and half of it was above my bad! 😀
    I remember the time when SH was terrible in bowling! I think he must have practiced a lot or someone learnt him how to do! 😀 By the way, his foot technic is very strange, not a bowling one, but if it is efficient, It’s OK! 😀 First seeing this photo without that “ball” I would have thought that he wanted to make a side split! 😀
    I can laugh a lot about SH’s facial expressions. He cannot really lie as everything could be seen from his eyes and face. That bilimbi is unknown by me, I know only carambola. As I heard if it’s so sour, SH should have put the crushed leaves onto his painful knees!
    Thank you Julee for the detailed report! Unfortunaetly, I won’t be able to see the next episode, because at my company there’ll be a family day! So, I am waiting for you next report and perhaps, once we could see all the episodes with english subs! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      That man in the 5th photo talking on the phone is not SH but the PD who found out that the roads were blocked. This trip has given SH a chance to relive his childhood days and his dream of being like Tom Sawyer. A coincidence perhaps but I chanced upon this book ‘Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ while doing some spring cleaning at home and it made me think of SH 🙂

      Probably by keeping himself low, he has better control over the throw. A pity they did not get a 3rd strike or they could have chicken for dinner. Strange that Su Bin did not find the bilimbi sour while SH just could not take it.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        The quality of photo was not too good, so, I though, he is SH, but not. Although, he could have been as his mobile is always in his hand! 😀
        I like lemons very much to eat, like orange, sometimes I put sugar in it and I bite it! And it is very healthy, because of C vitamin, but not for bleached teeth! Everybody is differentially sensitive for tastes. I cannot stand the very bitter things, like coffe without sugar or cream, mainly in the morning when I haven’t eaten anything! I could feel very ill even from the smell of coffee! I don’t know why?! So, we are different, but this is the good! 😀

  2. Henrietta says:

    My lovely man, looking forward to see you tonight! Hope it is not your last episode!!

    • juleecwk says:

      Dasom and Jin Woon will be joining the group in tonight’s ep.
      SH should still be in tonight’s ep but not sure about the next ep.
      Hope we will still be able to watch him in some other shows.

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