‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 7 (2015-07-10)

Viewership ratings for this season was consistently above 11%, with the highest at 11.9% for episode 5.
Sadly this week’s episode 8 will be the final one as Byeong Man would be setting out with a new team for the ‘hidden kingdom’ in Brunei.
Last week’s challenge was a bit tough for the members who were tested for their endurance in holding their breath underwater. Even the better swimmers could not do so for too long due to the strong waves so what more for the weaker ones? It was rather surprising and unexpected that Sang Hyun who cannot swim and had difficulty even maintaining his balance in water had emerged 3rd in the endurance test. It was amazing too that he was able to take on this challenge in spite of his fear of water, perhaps it is a good sign that he is gradually getting over his fear.
Each member would make one dive attempt and if they could achieve a total time of at least 7 minutes, they would receive some potatoes and sweet potatoes. Byeong Man thought the amount of food was not much so requested for cooking oil as well.
After some deliberation, the PD agreed on condition that at least one member had to achieve a time of 2 minutes. But should they fail, half the team would have their sight ‘removed’ …… most likely have them blindfolded which would effectively put half the group members out of action.


7-3Their testing ground with a depth of around 3 meters but as the waves were a bit strong they would have a rope to secure themselves.
 Ji Won had to ask Sang Hyun to let go of the rope as his tugging on it would affect his dive. But it was certainly not easy for Sang Hyun as he struggled to maintain his balance. He had used his feet to grab the rope again, probably to move himself forward.
Sang Hyun has certainly come a long way since we watched him in one of the BTS scenes from the 2006 drama Exhibition Of Fireworks. In that particular scene of being partially submerged in the swimming pool, his anxiety was obvious.
With the exception of Jeong Jin who achieved a time of almost 2 minutes, most of the members could not last more than a minute.  It was Sang Hyun’s turn next.


It was probably still a bit scary as he asked to be pulled up after completing the challenge.
Rather surprising that Sang Hyun’s score of 47 sec had exceeded those of the stronger swimmers such as Su Bin (36 sec) and Han Byeol (43 sec).  He probably has good lung capacity as a singer. Byeong Man being the final member would have to score at least 2 min 19 sec to make the total of 7 minutes.
7-9Exhausted but hanging on nevertheless.
7-10Byeong Man’s score of 2 min 34 sec brought their total to 7 min 15 sec! Well done everyone. 
7-10aFinally they got to enjoy their hard earned meal
The 2 new members Dasom and Jin Woon would be joining them later that night and Han Byeol too could finally return home. The members decided to prepare a farewell dinner of clams in tteokbokki soup, the latter which they had won in the coconut bowling game. 
Happy to be returning home and even though it had been tough, Han Byeol had no regrets joining this jungle survival challenge. It would have been nice if she could stay on until the end.



Sang Hyun and Ji Won were assigned to prepare dinner while Byeong Man and Su Bin went fishing. These fishes from Byeong Man’s catch the previous night had been salted and hung out to dry.
7-18 Improvising with a piece of wire since they had no proper cooking utensils.
As both of them had no experience with deep frying, they were unsure as to how long to leave the fishes in the pot of oil. 
7-20Slight panic when both fishes came loose and dropped back into the pot.
7-20aThe fish was a bit undercooked and much too salty.


7-22Byeong Man gave them some tips on deep frying and suggested that they fry the fishes a second time.
7-24What a contrast  ……. well done with a nice golden brown color vs the previously undercooked fish.
7-25Since they had a good catch, they were able to enjoy a good dinner that evening.
Dasom and Jin Woon finally arrived at the camp site and settled in for the night since it was rather late.
They tried to cover themselves well to avoid the mosquitoes.
When Sang Hyun first arrived, he too had covered his head with that netting but seems like the members have adapted well to the environment. I could not help wondering how they could tolerate the heat from being covered up so much since Yap is a tropical island with hot and humid weather.


As the members gathered around for a simple breakfast of fried bananas prepared by the new members, they started talking about their age differences. There is a 20 years gap between the youngest member Dasom (age 23) and the oldest member Sang Hyun (age 43). When Ryu Dam mentioned that she could be Sang Hyun’s daughter, she innocently asked him if he has a daughter.
Everyone started laughing since they knew he had just married but it seems Dasom did not know. Sang Hyun commented that Dasom could address him as ‘uncle’ and was pleased when she responded with “No, oppa” and made a ‘flying heart’ gesture towards him.  That must certainly have made his day.
This Friday’s episode 8 being the last episode of jungle survival in Yap would probably cover another day or 2 of filming. Since the typhoon had disrupted the scheduled arrival of the new members and Han Byeol had stayed on for episode 7, the new members would only have most of the filming for the last episode (excluding this end part of episode 7).
7-28Law Of The Jungle – Hidden Kingdom Brunei Special premieres on 24th July 2015
hidden kingdomThe first group had left for filming in Brunei on 18th June. Jeong Jin Woon, Do Sang Woo, Nam Gyu Ri, Kim Byeong Man, Sam Hammington & Sim Hyeong Tak
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3 Responses to ‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 7 (2015-07-10)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I was surprised that SH was able to be under the sea! Congratulation he overcame his inner fears, although, he looked like he was almost killed, but he did it! 😀 So, we could learnt about SH that if he really wants something or someone he does and get it, but if he is not interested in something or someone, he doesn’t move his finger at all… If these variety shows are good for nothing else, but for knowing the members’ real personalities much better…
    SH’s facial expression makes me always laughing! 😀 During the frying he was so funny! 😀
    By the way, BSB was always familiar to me. He is very goodlooking, but I didn’ know where I have seen him before. But now I have realized that I had seen him in many dramas, like Jumong and 49 days…

    • juleecwk says:

      I don’t think I’ve seen BSB’s dramas though he has acted in many shows. I was trying to find out some info online, seems he had married in 2013 and has a son. Now that LOTJ had ended with its final ep, I wonder what SH would be taking on until his next drama. Hope we will still get to see him in some show until then. I’m now watching Ha Ji Won’s drama ‘The Time I Have Loved You’ since I started watching it for SH’s cameo role.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        I recommend the 49 days, it’s very interesting and he is very good in it. In Jumong he was only a very nice boy with long hair, the main leader actor was Song Il Gook, the daddy of the triplets! 😀 He is also very good actor and he is excellent on the horseback!!! Just like an ancient hungarian… Great!
        Now I am watching the My lover comes from the Stars. It’s enough good and KSH and JJH are very good in it. By the way JJH is very similar to YEH, when I saw her for the first time, I mixed them, although, the nose was strange 😀
        There are many good films and dramas and I have to watch many and I am lack of time! First I watched my favorite actors all films and dramas. I saw SH’s all films and dramas, and almost all Kim Nam Gil’s films and dramas I have seen, except the Hymn and Pandora. Last time I saw the Shameless with that they were at the Cannes Filmfestival. Unfortunately, they have no chance to win as the hungarian film took the Golden Palmtree. 😀 But it was good to see him on the promenade of Cannes. Beautiful place! Well, it’s an interesting, but depressed mood film, this is shown by the color of the film, too! And I have seen many Kim Ki Duk films as he is very popular here. And yearly there are korean filmfestivals where you can see many films englis subbed in our beautiful Uránia Movie theather, which is so nice that once everybody should see it, even if the person doesn’t want to watch a film! 😀

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