‘Do Not Remember’ MV (不要记得)

Sang Hyun makes a special appearance in a lovely and touching MV with South Korean actress Cho Hye Sun for the release of her new single titled  ‘不要记得’ (Do Not Remember).
To watch MV : http://m.yinyuetai.com/video/2329965
A sad story of losing a loved one and having just one last day together. It begins with a little boy who wanted to know who his grandma was talking to the previous night. She tells him that it’s his late grandpa and then shares with him a secret …… that on the 7th day after someone’s passing, he would appear to the person he loved most and that one day would be their last time together.
A pity that Sang Hyun did not sing but watching him in this MV really makes me miss his acting, and especially those soulful eyes that speaks to my heart …….



























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12 Responses to ‘Do Not Remember’ MV (不要记得)

  1. Henrietta says:

    Thanks, Julee. Very touching MV! It makes me cry. SH, when are you going to start acting in the drama, we miss your good acting!!!

    • juleecwk says:

      This MV makes me feel sad too. The story has a twist, at first I thought it was the lady who died but realized at the end that it was the man. That little boy is probably SH’s character as a child. When his spirit returned to their home and he saw her, he remembered the ‘secret’ about having 1 more day with his loved one. But he had to leave at day’s end.

      I’m not sure if the Koreans believe in the spirit returning home on the 7th day but that’s what the Chinese believe in. That brings to mind a childhood memory of when my grandma passed away, and I was so scared on that 7th day ….. at bedtime. I was told that the departed would return home on the 7th day, to see their family for the last time.

  2. Thank you Julee~!^^

  3. Keiko says:

    Thank you so much for uploading SH’s beautiful MV, Julee. First time watch this. It makes me crying and realizing that I haven’t see his acting for such a long time. I really hoping for him to start thinking to acting, not doing variety. We have a special mourning ceremony on 7th day in Japan I’m sure that comes from Chinese culture. Thanks again!

    • juleecwk says:

      Me too, really hope that SH can consider doing another drama soon.
      Tonight’s episode of LOTJ will be the last episode.
      Miss his acting so much, perhaps I should re-watch some of his recent dramas.

  4. Mimi says:

    Many thanks dear julee for sending me the links personally so that I can watch the MV coz I’m not able to open this one :* .. It’s so touching and emotional .. YSH is amazing and handsome as usual with the most expensive eyes ! I can feel the depth of sorrow but thought the one who passed away is the lady .. In my opinion, the lady looks like Maybee , but do you help your wife at home oppa ? 😀 hope so And I’m sure you’re an ideal husband (v) Definitely ( agree with our lovely ladies) I can’t wait for a new drama with a surprising leading role 🙂 please oppa , our hearts call for you to come back , we’re thirsty to see your wonderful performance (y) .. Love and support you forever , fighting ❤

    • juleecwk says:

      Glad you managed to watch the clip. Maybe your PC or mobile needs the correct player?
      I do think so too that CHS looks very much like Maybee and there’s a similarity with the cooking scene and CHS wearing that hair garland (both from their wedding pictorial). Since SH enjoys cooking, he could cook for his wife 🙂

  5. shandy says:

    We have been missing those scenes of sentimental eye
    expression of Yoon, which evolves his feelingly affectionate
    emotions that mainly could not be captured from the real show.

    Its lyrics sound melancholic, as the first instinct of sadness
    enters my head with its opening of those very blue lines….
    In fact, the whole song is wrapped with lachrymose aura, as if
    the air moans, the wind sobs….

    The tragic accident evokes a frantic cry in the heart of mine
    with such great pathos and emotion. It weighs me down so much
    with sorrow..and sadness…A tingle of great sorrow suddenly
    allows my sentiment outburst… Seeing Yoon’s eyes become
    reddish, I know it must be the very heartrending pathos…

    I enjoy the song, still, relishing its lyrics, tasting its sadness as
    enjoying the beauty of sadness is also a kinda aesthetic feeling,
    like I used to enjoy Yoon’s. He has everything sublime gratifies
    my ears and eyes. The lachrymose tragedy is weepy, please
    prepare allowance for the saddening tune….. I luv the song, and
    its lyrics, CHS has her way to portray them, though she’s a
    Korean, she captures well and articulates every Chinese word

    The core of its importance shall be added to the neatly worked-
    out plot with those lovey-dovey domestic scenes unraveling the
    sweet and beautiful romance taking place in a loving couple…
    Yoon, being the husband in the plot, awakens so many sweet
    sides of his loved one….Oh, he’s playing a romantic number with
    his guitar again, which had been shown in ‘ The Time We Were
    Not In Love ‘ where he appeared only as a cameo. He must have
    been very skillful in playing guitar nowadays ( will he play at the
    upcoming fan meeting in Japan?)
    ; preparing for CHS a delicious meal; even polishing her toenails
    with nail polish….In real life, Yoon must have played a lot of
    beautiful songs for Maybee, the special dish he once said he only
    cooked for his beloved, and how about polishing the toenails, will
    he………? Hahaha, I am wondering and dung curious…….! ^_^
    How blessing it must have to be to become his wife ….^_^

    Perhaps the heart wrenching plot could be extended to a serial
    dramatic episodes, to fulfill even more of our thirst for and
    imagination of his romantic side……

    • juleecwk says:

      Not sure if SH can play the guitar or if I remembered correctly that he had once mentioned not having played a guitar for a long time. In this scene, I noticed that he wasn’t moving the fingers on his left hand so perhaps the guitar playing is a simulation 🙂

      This short story in the MV could be remade into something like the 1990 movie ‘Ghost’ which stars Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Also a very touching story about the lady losing her husband and his spirit coming back to protect her from his murderer.

  6. Zsuzsanna says:

    At last I could have seen the MV. It was interesting that the Zoo Cafe appeared in the MV, but listening, I have realized it is chinese. The music is very nice, I liked it. And the story of the video is very good and touching. Although, I don’t like if he is dead even if only in a film, drama or video, bu I liked it very much! He was really funny and I was surprise that he was painting the nails of that girl… I also have to do it now, so… 😀 Nowadays, he is always playing guitars, perhaps, he is preparing for a drama where he would be a singer??? Then he has to learn very quickly some chords… 😀 Just because of authenticity… 😀 I loved Oska very much! 😀 I think his bloodbrother could be a good teacher and he would visit him soon, I think!
    By the way, the flower wreath on her hair is very nice, although, I would have put more white flower in the wreath! I think it’s much nicer than any veil at the wedding!!!

    • juleecwk says:

      I was a bit surprised when I read that CHS has acted in quite a number of Chinese shows, she graduated from the drama academy in Beijing and speaks fluent Mandarin. There’s not much info on her, my guess is that she’s based more in China than Korea and is SH’s friend since he’s helping her out in the MV.

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