‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 8 (2015-07-17)

I was a little disappointed in this final episode, with its idea of entertainment as provided by a new member.  Could it be due to the lack of challenges or meant as eye candy for the purpose of viewership ratings?  Perhaps it was a form of distraction for the members and crew who have had a tough time throughout the week of filming as the members seems to enjoy the flaunting of ‘waves’ at every opportunity.
Even if it was meant to be fun, it became a bit off-putting to me as it takes on the form of an often held stereotype of the fairer sex. A pity really as I had thought this show would be different and the likes of Han Byeol had impressed me with her toughness. I hope this show can continue to retain its uniqueness and not lose its real sense of adventure.

8-1The members having fun riding a fallen coconut tree like a see-saw


A new challenge for the members to go deep sea fishing for tuna but it would not be easy as Byeong Man had no success even after 8 attempts during the previous seasons. Sang Hyun volunteers to take on the task with Ji Won and Su Bin. The PD must have been confident that they would not be able to catch any tuna as he agrees to Ji Won’s request to be given all the food that the crew has, should they have a successful catch.
According to the locals, they should look out for an area of the sea where the birds gather as the waters there would be rich in tuna. These fishes are usually found at a depth of 200 meters and caught by trawling where the bait is being pulled along as the boat moves at a maximum speed of 160 km/hr.


The members were excited when Ji Won seems to have hooked something but unfortunately it was a false alarm. The resistance of his line was due to his pull on the rope attached to the rod.


8-8Feeling frustrated with no catch and dashed hopes even after 2 hours.
They would try out another fishing method which uses a metal jig for a depth of 100 meters.
A successful catch by a member of their filming crew revives their determination to persevere.
8-10Success finally as they caught a rainbow runner fish.
8-11Though not a tuna but still ……


Byeong Man and the rest of the members set out for some crab hunting along the beach. Coming across a large Komodo lizard atop a tall coconut tree, he tries to make it move from its perch so that the others could see it. But it seems dangerous even if he is a good climber. 
8-13They finally decided to use a helicam to get a close up view of the lizard which was perched on the topmost branch.


A ferocious mud crab waving its powerful claws in warning. Just look at the size of those claws.



I thought it was rather cruel to detach the claws while the crab was still alive.  After the claws were wrapped in banana leaves, the bundle was cooked in the fire pit while the rest of the crabs would be cooked in a pan.
8-19Sang Hyun’s group returns to the camp site with their catch.


Their last challenge was a coconut basketball game where they would be rewarded with rice and eggs if they could get one successful throw into a hole 5 meters away.  The penalty for not succeeding would be the forfeiture of their mud crabs.
None of the members above managed to get the coconut in. Dasom and Jeong Jin had hit the target but the ball had bounced out. Surprisingly Jin Woon too did not get a good throw though he’s a former basketball player. Ji Won and Sang Hyun too had no luck though they had done well in the previous coconut bowling game.




The fate of their mud crabs would now depend on their last member Byeong Man. Jin Woon suggested that he could try doing a jump as he makes the throw. Though this would reduce the target distance, it would not be easy to jump and take aim simultaneously.  Much to their delight, it worked and they finally got the coconut in.


Ryu Dam seems to be especially tickled by Sang Hyun’s enthusiastic cheers for Dasom’s performance as she does her signature ‘wave’ before the crew. The other members too started laughing hard to Sang Hyun’s comment that it was ‘provocative’. 
8-30aHuge crab claws the size of one’s palm.


8-32Byeong Man’s special recipe of delicious crab meat-coconut milk porridge.
8-33 After enjoying their last meal together, it was time to say goodbye.


Sang Hyun: Though there had been a lot of anxieties and regrets, even when I go back it seems I would really have many thoughts (about this place?) And the kind of recipes which I have learned here ….. to my wife when I return, please be sure to try it.


And on a finale note, the signature ‘waves’ ……. a boon or bane for jungle survival?



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2 Responses to ‘Law Of The Jungle In Yap’ Episode 8 (2015-07-17)

  1. shandy says:

    Yes, Julee, the same thoughts are going through me.
    The last episode gives a little more in the way of something
    titillating visually and sensibly….

    I remember Abraham Lincoln’s saying ” Nearly all the men
    can stand adversity, but if you wanna test a man’s character,
    give him power ”
    I suppose the power in the jungle here refers to a fairer sex’s
    appeal, hahha ~
    Perhaps our fav man tried to keep the convivial atmosphere
    alive if Dasom would wanna help boost everybody’s morale
    against the onslaught of the tedious environment. What I can
    think about is assimilate the ” waves” to a symbol of raising
    the spirit of all men…
    But overdoing sounds too excessive ~ and it may digress from
    the norm and attach little importance to the core of survival.
    Nonetheless, female participants could only slot in their
    excellence by stealing away some good shows where the men
    are the major center points in exposing their skills of struggle.
    But some of the female actresses indeed had shown their
    amazing capability and who lack no knowledge and skills
    comparing with men, Han Byeol the good example.

    To me, I’d rather like most of the arduousness which was really
    taxing the ingenuity of Yoon in ep 4 and 6, where our brave man
    the Yoon Sawyer charged forward initiating his single-oar show
    of adventure on the self-made bamboo raft; with Han Byeol lying
    on the raft sharing the underwater view: with JW braving against
    the oceanic waves the gusty winds, almost getting to lose sight
    of the shore as well…. it’s a different kinda experience.
    I keep making myself comfortable by praying for Yoon whatever
    might be dicey or fraught with danger unfriend him in
    whichever way…

    I luv Yoon’s non-stop innovative ideas which kept his brain cells
    working on making use of whatever accessible, and convertible
    from the impossible to the practical and useful ones.
    The cool way of him worrying along the kinda injury he suffered
    from the incidental lip cut when splitting the bamboo stick into
    half is truly amazing me. I hope there shoulden’t be any scar
    left behind.

    Here in Yap, I find Yoon being swayed while riding on the fallen
    tree making that childlike noise, I think he’s mainly thrilled with
    childlike excitement, as if he had found his way back to his
    childhood playing excitedly and raising the roof with his playmates.

    From Yap, the major part of Yoon’s ingenuity and lovable side are
    discovered. I would expect him serious a bit cool a bit sometimes,
    but not so much when he comes to his childlike character, it’s
    fun and joyful. This man, an actual combination of many
    facets, with playful and romantic side, is a man who always rivets
    my most attention, the most lovable man always in my heart…….,.

    • juleecwk says:

      I have not watched the other seasons of LOTJ so am not sure about the other female participants, whether they had enjoyed the challenges of jungle survival. Having a mix of both male and female participants adds a nice balance and it’s good to inject some fun now and then. For a show like LOTJ which is meant to test human endurance, tough but achievable challenges are what both viewers and participants look forward to. The latter comes from a diverse group of celebrities and entertainers so they are not expected to have similar capabilities.

      I had been following eps 1 -7 with interest, sometimes with concern and at times with admiration for members who surprised us with their capabilities …. SH’s innovation, KBM’s experience and mentoring, PHB’s toughness, EJW’s wit and the rest of the members we got to know better. Perhaps if not because of the typhoon which had disrupted the filming schedule, the last 2 members too could have had a chance to participate in more challenges. Unfortunately they had arrived late and only had time for the last day’s events. Maybe due to this, Jin Woon is taking part in the next chapter of LOTJ in Brunei so as to be able to experience these challenges more fully. Good for him.

      It’s perfectly alright to lighten the mood but the excessive display of sex appeal here was a huge turn-off to me. An intentional grab for attention or was it simply because it’s the norm for an artiste who’s used to such performances on stage? It’s common to see these moves when they are performing on stage and in MVs, not surprising as it’s tough competition.

      LOTJ is an interesting show so I hope they can keep it that way. Maybe this episode is just an exception though they had also added in that extra footage of the lady swimming around in her bikini. Seems to have worked for increasing viewership since this final episode had the highest rating of 12% so perhaps viewers do enjoy having this kind of distraction after all.

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