From Weibo (2015-07-27)

weibo 27-07-2015
오랜만입니다^^ 한여름 폭염에 매우 덥네요! 더운 여름 시원한 아이스크림 드시면서 힘내세요^^
It’s been a long time  ^ ^
It’s very hot with the mid summer heat wave!
If you are eating cold ice-cream during hot summer ….. cheers  ^ ^
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7 Responses to From Weibo (2015-07-27)

  1. shandy says:

    Wow, his eyes are still bright and shining with stars !~
    Lucky there’s no scar remained on the lips.
    The charming man is still as good looking, there are
    no obvious changes, time must be his good friend.
    The features of his face as can be sculpted, the handsome
    man is seemed like undergoing rejuvenation !
    I like cold ice-cream, hahaha ! !!!! …^_^

  2. Mimi says:

    So cool photo ! Thanks a lot Oppa for advice , I ate chocolate ice cream yesterday 😀 .. As I always say : you’re our summer breeze when it’s so hot .. Your eyes always express love to us , we love you forever and endlessly ❤ wish you happiness and health forever !

  3. juleecwk says:

    Always his eyes 🙂
    This pic should be taken at the fan meeting hall venue as can be seen from the carpet and floor pattern. The weather is getting hotter these days, even for us here.

  4. Mimi says:

    Yes, dear Julee ! It’s about 41 degrees here in shadow mainly at noon ! The a/c is operated continuslously .. But listening to SH voice makes our day more nicer 😉 SUMMER BREEZE ❤

  5. Zsuzsanna says:

    Perhaps, I see another photo, not the same as you see, girls! I see the sadness in SH’s eyes or he is a little bit tired? Was this photo taken at the fanmi, as the outlook is very similar! It’s strange he should post wide smiling photos and he is always posting sad ones! Why does he do it? He has got what he wanted, he would have child soon! What is the problem? I would really like to see his thoughts nowadays… Although, I know he is a good actor and he could play anyhting if he wants… but eyes are the mirror of soul and if you are watching it carefully, you can read from it like from an open book…
    By the way, I start to think about if SH is english origin as only they are talking so much about weather! 😀 😀 On my wall of my workplace there are many photos and drawings by me about my favorites, and one is that photo when SH offers an ice cream with many strawberries on it! It is very refreshing in these hot days! Sometimes I think if I could have three wishes from the golden fish, one would be: that photo could come alive!!! 😀 Mainly, during the summer…a Mid-Summer Night’s dream! 😀 But only strawberry!!! 😀

    • shandy says:

      Oh, my dear Zsuz, I know which photo of Yoon
      you referred to….I thought you’d say ” I hope
      Sang Hyun with the strawberry ice-cream and
      that lovely smile come alive…”
      But I’m totally amused~ wondering you must be
      fond of strawberry, especially coming alive from
      Yoon’s ice-cream….hahaha ~ you’re soooo cute ! ! !

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