Sang Hyun @ Haneda Airport (2)
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11 Responses to Sang Hyun @ Haneda Airport (2)

  1. Mimi says:

    Thank you so much ! He looks great with that gorgeous smile ! I feel completely relaxed when I see him smiling ❤ but why the cap? I prefer to see his hair .. Anyway thanks God he arrived safely after that successful summer meeting (v) Welcome back oppa ❤

  2. shandy says:

    Oh my God, his smile is sooooooo adorable, the jovial
    mood, sending out warming vibes, is so much making
    me lol with joy ! ^_^
    The guy in front of Yoon tried to turn and have a look at
    him at the back, Yoon pretended to look at somewhere
    else, Yoon’s soooo cute, hahaha !

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    By the way, I have red only one report about the fanmi and I was surprised, but I was disappointed, too! Surprised, as he was singing songs, and I cannot remember that he was every singing any song on a fanmi… But it was good to hear that he could sing such meaningful song as Last rain! He could play very well on the heartstrings, but I wonder if that tears would be real ones? 😀
    I was disappointed as he hasn’t talked about his new life and feelings. I was very curious about his dog as I am a dog, mainly shepherd fan!!! But nothing… I know he wants to hide his family or private life from the publicity, but he should share some lovely moments with fans, not evertying… if not, how he would want to get closer to fans?…
    On the second video his smile was really lovely! “Keep smiling and love fans!” This could be his new slogan! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      I was thinking perhaps he might feel that fans might not like it if he were to talk about his family. Their earlier reaction to the news of his marriage had not been very positive and since he had already talked a lot about it, maybe it was better not to mention it again. Do you think the fans can now be more accepting or would they still be upset? And maybe it’s also to keep the fan meeting as a special time with his fans.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Well, sorry to say, but I think many fans don’t like his wife, but they have to accept her. And I think there are some who try to like her, just because of the sake of SH. Otherwise, fans may not like her as they don’t know anything about her… The acceptation of the marriage in last November was really bad, but just because one week he felt alone and other week he was dating for months and another week and he wanted marry. I think these were too much for fans, not the fact that he would be married. It is normal if he feels he needs children and family asap as he is not young anymore. And if he thought that he had found the person with whom he wanted a family, then he must have done! And he said he was afraid that someone else would take her, although, I don’t think there was so long queue at her house waiting for the chance! 😀 I think it was a poetic exaggeration! 😀 Every fan has to accept his decision, if not they have to find another idol. So, who participated at the fanmi, I was sure, those women accepted this and they would have been happy if SH would have mentioned something about the feeling of his would-be fatherhood or about his dog, if he still feels that his fans are his family. I think not mentioning his wife was a good strategy! (personal opinion)

      • juleecwk says:

        Frankly it makes me sad if one is being judged for making a personal choice. What is the reason for liking or not liking another ….. their appearance or merely one’s perception of them, or because they do not fit a certain image? Is there anyone who is truly perfect?

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Yes, Julee, you are right, nobody is perfect, neither me, nor SH… And everyone has the personal reason why he/she does something or chooses someone, but this is his/her secret and we have to accept it! I can just repeat it, not the fact of the marriage was the problem, but the way as he announced it, but I am sure SH understood what was the mistake and next time he would annouce anything more wisely. You know when you believe in someone unconditionally, and you believe everything he tells and when that person has chance to tell you the truth personally (at Yamanashi) and he hides the reality, even when you asked him… and one week later he tells the truth through the TV, well, it could be really big shock for many fans… Fortunately, for me not too much as I was sure that he was dating with someone since 2013 at least, we just had to listen the song’s lyrics he wrote… 😀 By the way, the best thing to restore the faith is to talk directly at fanmi, but I think he doesn’t dare to do it!
        I am looking forward to see his children, they would be surely so lovely! 😀 And I hope they will grow up with the dogs happily! 😀

      • juleecwk says:

        My guess is since he had already talked a lot about his relationship with all the resulting media news, he did not want to repeat it. The fan meeting was to have a good time with his fans, hope they have enjoyed it. There was good news about the possibility of a new drama and song so that is what we can look forward to.

        I wonder if his new house and cafe is ready. It gives me a nice feeling to visualize him enjoying a relaxing time with his family and dogs, and busy with his DIY creations. Hope he will post a pic of his baby later, would love to see the little one.

  4. Henrietta says:

    Of course, as his fans we would like to see him enjoying his family life happily. But to be away from the stage for so long is rather dangerous, (no dramas nor concerts for more than a year, variety shows were not suitable for him), he will lose the fans support easily. Hope he will organize birthday show in September like previous years. ^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      I had also thought about the possibility of a birthday event but wonder if it is too soon to have another fan meeting after the recent one. It’s likely since the birthday event has been held for the past few years but will have to wait for updates.

      SH used to have an aversion to being on variety shows and of deep water so it’s a good thing that he’s now comfortable with both. I’m glad that he has managed to overcome his fears and achieved some of his dreams. Perhaps this break is what he needed to re-examine his priorities and future plans. No matter what they are, my wish for him is to follow his heart.

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