Happy Birthday …

bday gift 2015
Dear Sang Hyun,
Wishing you good health (hope your knee is much better) and much joy every single day.
May each day be filled with cherished moments and little miracles.
A dedication to you, with one of my favorite songs by Mariah Carey & the late Whitney Houston.
Beautiful voices that fill my heart just like yours do.
May many more of your dreams come true  …….
Happy Birthday.

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10 Responses to Happy Birthday …

  1. Lily says:

    Wish YSH to be healthy and enjoy a blessed family life; and keep singing, I really miss his lovely voice. Happy Birthday!

  2. Henrietta says:

    Sang Hyun, Happy Birthday! May your wishes come true!

  3. Minouchat says:

    Happy bisthday Sang Hyun! I love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Zsuzsanna says:

    Julee, this is a wonderful song, indeed! I think a Miracle would reach Sang-Hyeon soon, as his child would be born and the birth of a new life is always a Miracle!
    Sang-Hyeon! Many happy return of the day! I wish You all the best and all your dreams come true! I hope not just your private life, but your career would change in positive direction! Fighting! 😀 Happy Birthday!

  5. shandy says:

    ” Miracle of dreams would reel off if you believe what you
    believe that there is such thing of miracle !”

    From Shandy to beloved YSH oppa

  6. shandy says:

    Oh, thanks Julee for the bucketful inspiring and aspiring
    song for our lovely man !

    It carries so much of our voices,
    that we would like to convey to him,
    that we would like him to know,
    how much we care, how much we love,
    and how much we do !

  7. shandy says:

    To our dearest oppa,

    I wish happiness always bring you a load more
    of positive energy !

    Life is when you slow down for each turn, get ready
    for another next start of spur.

    Keep moving, it’s the song of life,
    Keep spurring, it’s the edification of life !

    Wish you a very happy and meaningful birthday !

    From Shandy,
    your avid and great fan,
    ever & forever

  8. Gilda says:

    Happy Birthday !!! Wishing you success and good health and your family!

  9. juleecwk says:

    Thank you dear ladies for your birthday wishes to Sang Hyun. We certainly hope he’s having a wonderful day on his birthday.

    I like this song very much because it is meaningful and touching, and great singing by these 2 ladies. It carries a message to all of us that we should have faith that we can achieve much. There is so much in our everyday life that we take for granted but for those who are lacking, many simple things are little miracles to them.

    Our wishes today is for someone who’s so dear to our hearts. Like Zsuz says, he will soon receive his miracle of a new life and new addition to his family, something that must be so precious to him. I wish for him that there will be many more miracles to come and more precious moments. And may all of you achieve your miracles too 🙂

  10. Mimi says:

    Hi ladies😘 I’m so sorry for being late to write my birthday wish to oppa ! I never forget him and I won’t forever 🙆✌️ On this especial day , I wish u all the best and all the joy you can ever have ..wish the year ahead is filled with love and wonderful surprises with everlasting memories 👍 .. Thanks a lot dear julee for giving us this chance to share oppa his birthday and thanks for that wonderful song 👏 .. Oppa ! There’s no need to say we love and support u madly as I’m sure you feel that our love is beyond measures! Happy birthday to you🌺🌹🌸🌸

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