Happiness is ….. (5)

….. seeing that heartwarming smile.
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8 Responses to Happiness is ….. (5)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    And funny tmoment for him to see that green underpants! 😀 That also made me laugh! 😀 That was really a happy moment for everybody. Hopefully, nowadays he also has such mood improving moments. Perhaps, he should check some FB pages of fans… 😀 But he could be very busy nowadays, so, no time for fans…

    • juleecwk says:

      I wonder what he did with that underpants 🙂 It was certainly a funny moment which made us all laugh too. Though we hardly see any updates these days, I hope he is having an enjoyable time and taking care of things that are important to him. And when he’s ready for a new drama, hope he will surprise us with another interesting character.

  2. Gilda says:

    I miss his smile!!!

  3. shandy says:

    Happiness is………

    gather strength from his eyes as they are such a vivid
    reminder of how to live such a happier life

    he is always with me when his smile sneaks into my
    pocket whenever I carry it around……

    the greatest pleasure could be amassed from such a little
    piece of news from him

    he has already become someone extraordinarily special
    deep down in heart as it is juxtaposed to breathing everyday
    that important……

  4. shandy says:

    Happines is…….
    when looking at his smile, you will smile, at the same time,
    spontaneously, wholeheartedly from the soul…….

  5. shandy says:

    Happiness is….
    think about the sentimental way he serenades when
    hearing other number dancing in the air………

    ( Thanks Julee, for the song and for the MV, i SO luv them…)

    • juleecwk says:

      Hi Shandy, glad you like the MV dedication to HMY. I like that song very much too. Though HMY was merely a drama character, he’s certainly very real to us especially when played with the kind of intensity that SH is so good at. I certainly miss his acting and smiles, and hope that we don’t have to wait too long before we see him in a new drama next year.

      • shandy says:

        Life itself has no meaning. We live to learn
        to experience to excite to grieve to add all these
        hues onto it makes life what seems to be the
        meaning of itself…..

        Moving on in life with him kept in heart over time,
        gradually I’ve found it meaningful in its way and he
        continues to reconnect those dots that I left

        I hope with dream he’ll keep shining us all way long.
        Nobody can find the true meaning of life. We live to
        feel free and easy. As long as we feel happy with a
        special gift in our hearts, he’s already the meaning
        of our lives…….

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