Instagram (30-09-2015)

instagram 30-09-2015
Sang Hyun with a pretty young lady, taken 5 days ago probably in Ilsan (as tagged). 
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8 Responses to Instagram (30-09-2015)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    It’s a very interesting photo. First, the place, where the photo was taken, is very strange and really interesting. I wonder where it could be! The lady is really pretty and she has beautiful long hair. I like long hair so much, that’s why I have such a long hair as she, but mine is blond. 😀
    Sang-Hyeon’s face is so round and he seems to be relaxed. He already needed it! He likes these baseball caps, but I think his hair is much nicer, so, he should show his hair much more times! Although, his hair is short now, I think a little bit longer hair would suit him very well! Perhaps, the autumn has arrived at Korea as both of them are wearing warmer clothes. And as a rain-man, SH wears a raincoat? (sponsored by Mercedes?) 😀 Although, as I could remember well, he has a Smart, hasn’t he? 😀 So, he has just dressed to the car! 😀 Otherwise, it was good to see him again!

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      Yes, it is surely a shop and those pictures and the death’s head show this shop could be not an average type, although the owner’s dress suggests the same feeling! I wonder what SH and his wife? (it’s not a selfie, so she could have taken the photo) could buy there! 😀
      If those drama centers are really located in Ilsan, then it’s great for SH as he must not go too faraway from home to shoot any new film or drama! 😀
      Yes, he seems to be more relaxed and fleshy, I think he could have rest a little bit and the countryside life is different than the city life. Although, some months ago I wasn’t too sure in it, mainly in Paju. where some border incidents happened. I was really sorry for those poor young military service soldiers, who have been injured. I was thinking what SH could feel at that moment as he had built a house so close to the border???! And of course, KHJ is also a soldier there, perhaps, they could meet? As Hyun Joong was in “his” football team before and they have similar dogs, too! So, they could have been friends… Fortunately, the border is much more silent now! 😀

      • juleecwk says:

        MBC has a few centers located in different places, with its digital production center in Ilsan. I think some indoor and especially outdoor drama shooting is done at other locations. I remember when we visited SH during the filming of Can’t Lose in 2011, it was at the indoor filming set located in a large building at the Dae Jang Geum (Jewel In The Palace) Theme Park in Yangju. If I’m not mistaken, this center is one of MBC’s production studio for both indoor and outdoor film sets. Sadly the theme park had been permanently closed in Dec 2011.

        Since we were there solely to see SH and had waited the whole afternoon before we could finally see him, we did not have time to visit the theme park. But we did not mind the wait at all since we got to see him and CJW walking back and forth between the changing room (at the ground level where we were waiting) and the filming set (inside the building). And there was one moment when he was holding her hand as they were both walking together and while smiling at us, he said ‘my wife’ 🙂 Wonderful memories.

  2. juleecwk says:

    I was curious about the background too. From the clothing and bottles on the shelf (toiletries?), could it be a store? There’s a curved mirror on the wall and such mirrors are usually installed in shops. There seems to be a seating area upstairs. The lady has very nice hair with beautiful curls.

    If I’m not mistaken, SH used to stay in Ilsan before he moved to Geumho. And it’s interesting to note that the drama production centers for both SBS and MBC are located in Ilsan. SH’s face does seem a little more fleshy in this pic. Perhaps a reason for his liking of such caps is so that he need to have to worry about hair maintenance when he’s in public and to keep out the glare of the hot sun during summer.

  3. shandy says:

    I’ve to admire Zsuz’s vivid observation in detail. ^_^
    The ” death’s head ” caught my attention. I was totally startled
    in the first place, wondering where the death’s head has come
    from ? Oh, there…..l’ve finally got it ! It’s rite up on the left
    above the lady’s head…….hahhaha! the first pic of the skull
    with crossbones while the second one is quite spooky!
    Me too is filled with all kinda question marks ??????
    I know “curiosity killed the cat” ( Ha Mu Yoon’s pet phrase ),
    can’t help I’m as curious as Zsuz…. What kinda shop is it ?
    Would like to ask Yoon oppa what he’s up there for ?
    I thought he’s supposed to spend his time at baby department
    of the superstore….hahaha, sorry no offence my dearest oppa!
    He definitely looks rested and refreshed, his smile is sooooo
    charming ! ^_^

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      Dear Shandy, you cannot know what kind of design will be in the baby’s room! 😀 Not long ago it was very popular to use these skulls and similar symbols on the clothes and on litlle baby’s clothes, too! 😀 It was funny… but for a little child… 😀 The Pirate was in the korean movies, so, perhaps, that’s why the death’s head are in the shop! Otherwise, the lady should have a very colorful fantasy! Otherwise, I think SH’s imagination doesn’t go so far… 😀 Otherwise, I can also see a Teddy bear there, so… From my Daddy my first gift was a 1 meter high white Teddy bear for my birth, I still have it, even if my Daddy has already passed away!

      • shandy says:

        Oh, boy ! Dear Zsuz, I bet what you’ve said will hit the mark!
        I reckon our fav man would never drape his baby with that
        spooky…..and a little bit of cranky design…….hahahah 》》。

        How precious the Teddy bear is meant for you
        now, as it’ll always bring you back to the memory of your beloved
        I believe when he’d got the toy for you, his luv would always
        stay with you……^_^

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        You are right!!! 😊

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