Penny For Your Thoughts

Feb 2014 cOne of my favorite pictures from the 2014 calendar which I am still using as a photo frame. 
There’s something about Sang Hyun’s expression in this candid shot that I find intriguing and which makes me wonder what was passing through his mind at that moment. He seems to be lost in thought and there is a tinge of sadness in his eyes. His expressive eyes are my favorite and they never fail to move me with their intensity. Even in this instance with him looking into the distance, it still enthralls me.  I could keep on looking at this picture for a long time.

Feb 2014
Capturing a timeless moment  ……… what were you thinking about?
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10 Responses to Penny For Your Thoughts

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, as I see you have many “relics” from SH. 😀 I also like this photo, as it’s completely different from his other photos! If I will be playful, I would reply to you: “I am sure my fans won’t like my new hairstyle!” 😀 But yes, I like this style! 😀 And as I am not a mind-reader, I cannot find out his thoughts, but I also can see the pain on his face… Perhaps, he was thinking of someone who had caused him pain unwittingly, or he had a problem that he had to solve… or who knows…
    But in Hungary who had learnt hungarian literature and loved it as we had very excellent poets and writers, in case of seeing such a look who may think very deeply, one poem comes to our minds:
    Vörösmarty Mihály: A merengőhöz. (To the day-dreamer) This poet can tell more about this look than I could ever say… Unfortunately, the english translation isn’t so good as the original hungarian one… I just want to mention this poet was written by Vörösmarty to his beloved woman, Laura! 😀
    To the day-dreamer

    Where has the lustre of your eyes descended?
    What do they seek in murky depths of space?
    Shedding tears for an ecstasy that ended,
    or the dark rose that fled without a trace?
    Do apparitions on the future’s veil
    draw nigh with fearful pictures of dismay?
    Do you distrust your fate, all wan and pale,
    because you once were lost upon the way?
    Look at the world and see how very few
    among its millions do not weep and sigh –
    daydreaming ruins life with lying view
    it gazes, cross-eyed, at a painted sky.’
    For what can give a man true happiness?
    Fame? Treasure? Beauty? Pour these out in flood,
    and greedy men will drown in their excess
    with joy of spirit never understood.
    He who needs roses does not wear a bower;
    to stare into the sun means not to see;
    he who seeks pleasure only, finds it sour;
    for only temperance brings no agony.
    They who are good and noble in their soul
    who do not hunger in mouth-watering dearth,
    whom pride and greedy fancy can’t control,
    Only they find a home upon this earth.
    Don’t look, then, to the distance dreams have shown
    for the whole earth is never our estate;
    only as much as we can call our own
    will the wise heart accept and cultivate.
    The past and future are a sea too wide
    for the small farmstead of single breast;
    fog-forts and dead lights flicker o’er its tide;
    the lonely heart grows pale at its unrest.
    If faithful gifts your present hour bestrew
    with feeling, thought and love your true existence,
    remain with life and what it offers you
    and do not seek the fair but doubtful distance!
    Don’t sell serenity for coin of dreams
    that will lie useless in your cozened hand –
    regret will be the sum of all your schemes
    if you frequent that day-dream wonderland.
    Bring back, bring back your eyes’ most lovely light!
    Let it return now like a homing bird
    that seeks its own olive branch in its flight
    that branch to all sorrowful sighs preferred.
    Remain among us with your youthful eyes!
    Shine forth in brightness on your friend’s true face!
    Become his sun, high noon in all his skies,
    untouched by tears in radiance and grace!

    (Translated by Kirkconnell, Watson; Hart, H.H.)

    Hopefully, you liked it! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      Thanks for the lovely poem Zsuz, it’s very meaningful even when translated from the original. One certainly should not give up because of broken dreams, being realistic and contentment with even simple things can bring happiness, not to dwell too much on the past or worry excessively about the future that one should forget how to live in the present.

      I like this hairstyle with his up-swept hair and that heart-shape hairline. SH has a nice forehead and I would like to see him with a man bun type of hairstyle 🙂

  2. shandy says:

    The Beauty Of Your Blue

    Your eyes
    Are telling a lot of blue
    Wonder how I could sojourn
    in that blue ocean
    The blue is your sovereignty, unalienated
    The beauty of your blue
    Is kneaded deep down inside
    With the melancholic softness
    —— as blue candy floss
    Melts in the heart

    If beauty attracts the eye
    Your melancholy attracts the heart
    I fall for your blue…….

  3. Keiko says:

    Wow, SH looks awesome.
    I was stunned when I saw this pic because this is the first time I see SH shows all bang away from his forehead. I really love to see this. I love his thoughtful look as well as smiling.
    He really looks COOL!!!!!!!! Miss him so badly.
    Thank you for posting the pic Julee, always.

    • juleecwk says:

      I found this pic captivating too when I first saw it. It was like ‘wow’ 🙂 I would certainly like to see him with the kind of hairstyle which Kim Jae Wook had in the drama Coffee Prince, where he swept up his longish hair into a ponytail.

  4. shandy says:

    His sadness is full of manly characteristics……who was
    unnoticeably showing a mix of sorrow and charm
    at the soft spot of beauty.

    His touching-soul eyes arrest the mind………I luv that
    kinda enthralling sensation… I wish if time could
    stop ticking for that beautiful moment of his engaging
    I’m not indulged in any bit of schadenfreude, Yoon has
    everything to inspire me………whether he’s happy or sad,
    it’ll get me on it , so real……

    I do appreciate, in a great sense, my dear Julee you have
    been displaying a wonderful labor of luv for our fav man all
    these years… Look at the subtle display of Yoon’s albums,
    and magazine(s), and his calendar, I’m truly moved…. thank
    you so much for your unflinching love and support for Yoon
    And the little lovely Teddy gal, sitting rite in Yoon’s gazing
    direction, it’s soooooo beautiful and heartwarming……! ^_^

  5. Gilda says:

    Thanks,Julee for helping me buy the calendar .i still have it on my table.thanks also for the encouraging phrase of how to live in the present !

    • juleecwk says:

      You’re most welcomed Gilda, glad to be able to help. And thanks to Zsuz for sharing with us the inspiration and reminders from the lovely poem.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        I love poems very much and I know many by heart as with them I can express my feelings much nicer than with my own words. I am happy that you loved it!

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