Re-watching Gapdong On Channel M

I was delighted to chance upon the promo trailer for Gapdong on cable channel M while watching the premiere of the variety show ‘New Journey To The West’ which stars Lee Seung Gi, Kang Ho Dong, Eun Ji Won and Lee Su Guen. Certainly looking forward to seeing my favourite character Mu Yeom again soon.
HMYGapdong on Channel M (26th October 2015 @ 20:00)
A couple of screen grabs of the promo taken with my mobile.

gapdong 3

gapdong 2

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5 Responses to Re-watching Gapdong On Channel M

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think Gapdong was a good and very exciting drama. It was a good chance for SH to choose a new good drama, but he has chosen to rest or “build” his family. And I loved his new look very much, he was so different, but attractive and manly… Hopefully, the next drama will be even better!!!

    • juleecwk says:

      As much as I miss SH’s acting, I believe he needed this break …. whether to recharge, make future plans or rearrange his life priorities. I believe he would know best what he needs. I’m sure he would choose his next role wisely and certainly hope that he can once again surprise us with something different.

  2. shandy says:

    Yoon could play a character as super part of the role.
    Many a time, he gave us a hit-home performance, a character
    like Ha Mu Yeom whom I couldn’t imagine in what depth Yoon
    would manage the heroic role of an indomitable and manful
    detective b4 he started acting him out !

    But Yoon made HMY beyond my expectation. He pesters my
    thought to a vigorous one, showing me already how good he
    was a playboy like Oscar or Heo Tae Joon or Tae Bong, as a
    righteous lawyer like Yeon Hyung Woo or Cha Gwan Woo, and
    even as the most charming butler like Seo Dong Chan.
    Playing a complex personality detective, it’s a total stranger to

    To my surprise, Yoon mastered the role very well. When we
    look back at the mama boy, the playboy, the lawyer, you
    wouldn’t believe he was Oscar, Taebong, mama boy the doctor
    CKW or SDC. It’s a total switch of the past roles to a complex
    detective who extends his obligation to get humiliation expunged
    from injustice under the name of his father.
    Yoon’s portrayal of the ‘ mad monk’ is heavily yet commendably
    impressive !
    A real popper for me when HMY yelled at Sung Dong-il with an
    outburst of rage, there’s a lot loaded with his wrath which could
    turn HMY into a ‘ mad monk” no time could ever tell. I felt a sense
    of poignant delight as the wrong always accused the rite while
    who in turn paying back to what the wrong had done to the rite,
    it certain gladdens the heart as justice gladdens the rite !

    HMY reels out the reek of humanity when the whole mood was
    piling on the bare fangs of psychopathic inhumanity.
    Many times I’d to work out from an emotional upheaval when
    the air was shrouded with the preys being stained with
    psychopathic blood, and I wonder I kept dwelling upon justice
    being seemingly misplaced somewhere………

    Oh, I so much luv our here HMY, Yoon gave him life, gut and
    empathy to counterpoise the darkness with a silver lining….
    HMY held up his fist at Fear Tiger the time, I saw the fire in his
    eyes mingling with tearful repugnance to the feelings of his
    father being wronged…..
    I hate Fear Tiger’s prejudiced accusation but no doubt
    SD-il had successfully played up his dirty trick upon HMY,
    the spark of flare up hit rite on my eyes, bravo ! What a good
    play of the two on the radar screen !

    Slowly, Yoon was apt to have a better command of what HMY
    wanted from him. He spiced up the character with extra
    emotional turmoil, torn and straddling in the line between self-
    recrimination and repentance, HMY was imbued with no
    sunlight but grey. No doubt Yoon had a hard time dragging
    himself out of the role. It strikes me that Yoon had gone deep
    enough into HMY’s profound complex world.

    Fear Tiger’s imposing torturous racking on HMY the time, the
    heavy blow dropped like atomic bombs on MY’s head and body.
    It shook me to the core and pulled my tears down…..
    I feel as if Yoon had merged himself with HMY inside out. HMY’s
    uncompromised indignation rekindled a hot fuse awaiting any
    second of outbreak. Fear Tiger finally bowed down to HMY’s
    unsubmissive adamancy. My tears turned into smile—— what a
    stellar act both Yoon and SD-il had brought to the viewers!
    But I wonder how Yoon sustained that kinda whacking….. was
    SD-il truly holding the chair and spanking on Yoon’s head and
    body? Though with fake strength, but how fake is fake ? Would
    Yoon really feel the pain……….

    That’s another scene of MY’s righteous indignation coming to
    blow the top when MY screwed up the apprehended surrogate
    of the psychopath in the room, my heart was pounding. MY’
    ‘s firing like drumfire, every piercing line playing a justified
    utterance to evoke the rite from underneath. Again I was stunned
    by the atmospheric boiling point of rage.
    Yoon is an amazing emotional interpretor, he can be soft, he can
    be gentle, he can be sentimental or romantic, he can be rough
    and can be tough and cool, oh God ! He can be every one !!!!!!!!!

    PDs used to stereotype an actor, but a brilliant actor like Yoon is
    able to live up to their expectation. Yoon’s inspired to play a tough
    gangster, why not ?! WHAT YOU SAID, DEAR PD ?????????

    • juleecwk says:

      We know how versatile SH can be in any role, that’s why I’m looking forward to him giving us another surprise in his next drama. A previous comment from a friend about SH’s acting sums it up for me …… he morphs into the character of whichever role he plays.

      Re-watching Gapdong might not be the same as the first time in terms of surprises in the plot but I am still looking forward to seeing HMY all over again. At least I won’t have to miss SH so much until his next drama 🙂 But I really don’t like that scene of Song Dongil hitting HMY so violently during the interrogation. They were probably using a fake prop with realistic sound effects but that scene was not good for my heart. Let’s hope PD JSW will offer SH a new role soon.

  3. Mimi says:

    Yes, dear ladies! HMY is one of the best roles performed by SH !! When I see his intensive eyes , I realize how great he’s to embody the script to reality in a perfect way.. I can’t wait for the new drama but the baby first 😀🙆✌️

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