2015 Dinner Show ‘Always With You’

dinner show
The latest update from MGB Japan regarding a dinner show scheduled this December must be happy news indeed for those who have been looking forward to the next fan meeting or performance. Last year’s White Dinner Show had also been held in December but this year it would be just after Christmas. Certainly a fun way to celebrate the year end and usher in the new year. Hopefully we would also be receiving some happy news then.
Updated info (4th November 2015)
Event        : 2015 Yoon Sang Hyun Dinner Show  ‘Always With You’
Date          : 26th December 2015 (Saturday)
Time         : Admission @ 15:40 / Dinner @ 16:10 / Performance @ 17:30
Location  : Imperial Hall, Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort
Booking site : http://hanryu-concert.com/press/2015_yoon_dinnershow/index.html
Ticket price    : 48,000 yen (tax included)
Pre-sale          :  27th October (Tuesday) 12:00 to 29th October (Thursday) 18:00
General sales :  29th October (Thursday) 18:00 to 4th December (Friday) 15:00
Benefits :
Handshake and personal photo with Sang Hyun
Dinner show souvenir
Those celebrating their birthdays in December will receive an autographed souvenir from Sang Hyun.
Imperial hall
Imperial Hall
tokyo bay maihama hotel 3
Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort

Tokyo bay maihama hotel club resort 2

An impressive and airy atrium at the entrance
Tokyo bay maihama hotel club resort
A nice place to visit for the year end holidays as it is just next to Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea.
For those who would like to check out photos of the lovely Disney resort and its surrounding facilities, here’s a nice account by a blogger @ http://disneytravelbabble.com/trip-reports/tokyo-disney/day-4a/
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4 Responses to 2015 Dinner Show ‘Always With You’

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I am sure everybody will enjoy not just the meeting with Sang Hyeon and his singing, but the wonderful place, too! It’s really beautiful. By the way, as 26 is a holiday for us, first I was surprised that he would spend the Christmas with fans, not with family, but you mentioned it’s not a holiday at you… I hope there will be a lot of fans singing with Sang Hyeon together at Christmas under the Christmas tree or Misletoe… 😇🎄

  2. Mimi says:

    That’s definitely a wonderful chance to the fans in Japan👍I know a Japanese lady who was disappointed for the cancellation of YSH birthday meeting.. Now I’m sure she’s the happiest in the world 😅✌️As I remember, SH told his many relatives come to his dad’s house in Christmas and his mom will need help and support.. Maybee will give birth and no way to help .. Anyway I wish everybody will enjoy Christmas and I’m sure SH will be happy twice for ( having a nice baby and being among his lovely fans ) .. Good luck oppa and enjoy life you’ve chosen for yourself 💞💞

  3. Mimi says:

    Yes, Suzy .. The place is mesmerizing.. It’s very nice to spend a honeymoon there 👍 Fighting oppa !

  4. juleecwk says:

    Hi Mimi,
    I think what SH had mentioned was the traditional events where their many relatives gather at the parents house for prayers and feasting. Christmas is unlikely to be one of those. Hope fans can look forward to another memorable event and new songs.

    I’ve not been to Tokyo Disneyland but it was an interesting read from the blogger’s complete posts and many photos taken during her holiday there. Though the account was from a few years ago and Tokyo Disneyland would probably have more new attractions, the place looks interesting. But I’m not very patient with crowds or queuing for hours (except when there is something really worthwhile) so theme parks such as Disneyland is not high on my wishlist of holiday destination 🙂 Nevertheless I’ve enjoyed the 3D Transformer ride at our Universal Studios here.

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