Re-watching Gapdong (Episode 1 & 2)

I managed to catch Gapdong’s premiere on Channel M last night and this evening. Even if I’m re-watching this drama, my fascination with Ha Mu Yeom’s intensity which emanates from Sang Hyun’s eyes is no less.
It always happens whenever I see Sang Hyun on screen, I just had to capture those eyes and ended up watching most of the drama through my phone camera.




Ep 2-3

Ep 2-0

Ep 2-1

Ep 2-2

Ep 2-5




Ep 2-6

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3 Responses to Re-watching Gapdong (Episode 1 & 2)

  1. shandy says:

    I luv the indomitable tears flickering glow in his eyes, the
    intensity of his anger ablaze with contempt and hatred always
    flashes defiance…..

    Yoon had rendered the role of HMY illustrious with the depths
    of his eyes concealing lots more of gloomy fires that blazed
    his anger which had been simmering all these years were on
    the verge of breaking point.

    The intensity of his eyes dominates the gradation of down-to-
    earth emotional changes from grudge to anger, from anger to
    contempt, from contempt to misanthropy, each and every part
    of emotional transformation symbolizes a clear cut of
    expressional eyes depicting the whirlpool of trauma illustrated
    outwardly with an inward depth of gloominess all through the
    intensity of his eyes……

    The expression of his eyes.—— whether they are blazing with
    fires, or simmering anger, or leaking out feelings of passion,
    affection or sentiment, or frustration or even a mixed feeling
    of complex emotions, he never fails to bring us merge with the
    scenario of his moods. We might not know but I happened to
    see myself in the mirror while watching HMY ferociously raised
    his fist at the Fear Tiger, I’s so shocked to learn my facial
    expression being in line with what HMY appeared to be on
    screen. Oh my God ! Yoon is too good to express his emotions
    through the intensity of his eyes !
    I’m dead anticipating to see his eyes appearing on screen again
    after his baby has come to join us ~ haha ! ^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      As this is a re-watch, I find myself focusing more on SH’s expression. It must have been quite draining to get into character with all that pent up anger all the time. I remember he had mentioned in one of the media interviews that it was difficult for him to shake off that feeling even after filming. Perhaps that was one reason for his depression at that time.

      I hope SH will take on a role as a spy or bad guy in an action/thriller movie in future. We’re now having the Korean Film festival here and I watched Assassination starring lead actress Jun Ji Hyun (My Love From The Star) as a sniper and Lee Jun Jae as a traitor. Action pack and exciting with a good plot. Another good Korean thriller movie I’ve watched a few years ago is Cold Eyes with lead actress Han Hyo Joo and actor Jung Woo Sung who plays a crime ring leader. Great acting and plot too. Both actors are the same age as SH. Would love to watch SH acting in such roles.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        There was one moment in Gapdongi when SH surprised me! I’ve never thought before that he could act such a character. He was in the interrogation room as a suspect and when he shrugged his head and looked into the eyes of the other detective and smiled on a stange mode for him, then he was just like a real mad person! That moment showed me that he became a good actor! Perhaps, this situation or this type of story or as he had to act a completely different person’s personality than his own personality, made him being depressive, but this is the task of an actor.
        Otherwise, I like Jun Ji Hyun very much, she is very good actress, I saw her in the My love from the stars and The thieves! The Assassination could be a good film, hopefully, I could watch it soon and it’s pity that she didn’t win the best actress at the Buil Firlm Award!
        Hopefully, SH could get such a role next time which will be awarded in the future and I can see him again as when I saw him for the first time…

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