Sang Hyun @ Gocheok Sky Dome

Update by 박무재 on Facebook @

sky dome 1

sky dome 2

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2 Responses to Sang Hyun @ Gocheok Sky Dome

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I don’t know if it is easy to pitch a ball in real play as I have tried only on tv-playing and then I am good and my ball is enough speedy. But I think at the middle of this big stadium it cannot be easy, mainly when so many people is watching you and many of them are expert! As I see SH practiced a little bit before pitching. 😀 Otherwise, I am happy that he is coming closer to the sports, although, I prefer soccer better than baseball and Korea is very good in it, even the women, too! 😀 I wonder when I will see him on the football field again at least as a coach! 😀
    By the way, his hair is strange a little bit! 😀

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