Sang Hyun In Opening Pitch At Gocheok Sky Dome

In preparation for the inaugural Premier 12 baseball tournament which will be held this Sunday 8th November in Sapporo Japan, South Korea hosted Cuba in 2 exhibition games known as the Seoul Super Series at their new Gocheok Sky Dome on 4th and 5th November.  Sang Hyun was present for the opening pitch of the second game on 5th.











Sky Dome 05-11-2015

Watch brief clip of Sang Hyun making the first pitch
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12 Responses to Sang Hyun In Opening Pitch At Gocheok Sky Dome

  1. Mimi says:

    Oppa ! I can’t express how much I miss you 😍 I was just listening to one of my favorite songs “Oath ” that gives me vitality and happiness but I’m the happiest to see your photos and the video as I am eager to be with you all the time ✌️✌🙆 . He looks great and handsome as usual 🤗🙆🤗🙆I want to cheer for him personally with big applause.. . Fighting oppa and I can’t wait for the new drama 👍 I’m thankful to you dear julee for the update and a big applause for you too😘 Please oppa , be always with us and never be away for long .. Love and support forever 🌷

  2. Henrietta says:

    Thanks Julee, glad to see him on SBS live video again. Looking forward to his return in January 2016.

  3. Henrietta says:

    I am envious that Gapdongi was shown on cable TV at your side. Hoping that it will be shown in our TV in the near future. I can only re-watch his dramas online at this moment. By the way, the news reporter said SH got more than 90% of viewers rating for ‘My fair lady’ at Cuba. Haha! Our favorite Don Cha si, you are so popular!!

  4. Zsuzsanna says:

    It’s good to see SH “playing” in the color of Korea! 😀 He seems to me a little bit chubby, I mean his cheeks! 😀 And it seems to me that his left cheeks is swollen, but perhaps I am wrong! I think his trousers were a little bit narrow to the exact movement (:D), but it wasn’t bad. I think he should practice the targeting a little bit in the baseball playing field, although, with the arrows from eyes he could targeting much better! 😀
    That refrigerator could be very good, I mean the cosmetics in it as he looks very well and seems to be young! Of course, when the children would come, those wrinkles would appear with increasing the number of problems! 😀 Although, if that wrinkles would appear from smiles for own children, then he won’t regret it! 😀
    I wonder if he has a son or a daughter, but I hope he would have a daughter first and after then a son. Although, I am sure he would like to have a son whom he could play boyish or manly plays,. But a daughter is looking with admiration for her father… 😀 It doesn’t matter, she or he has to be healthy and this is the most important!!!

    • juleecwk says:

      Whether boy or girl, I’m sure SH would love them the same. What’s important is for the child to be healthy. I don’t remember him saying whether he prefers a son or daughter. Anyway what I most hope for is to see a photo of the baby. Dear Sang Hyun, are you reading this? 🙂

  5. shandy says:

    He looks great —— the well-built physique, the striking profile,
    the charming smile, all are in such a good shape ! ^_^
    Handsome as always he is .

    Under so many pairs of eyes, Yoon is enough cool-headed, the
    ad hoc deliberate performance is impeachable though he is not
    flawless in whatever way, I believe Yoon had put the best on it.
    The steady posture with self-possession, in view of his awesome
    performance in pitching-a-coconut game on ‘ Law Of The Jungle”
    Yoon’s cultivated a calm demeanor to handle thing—— a sober
    judgement with an analytical mind . I’m glad to see him come to
    be more steady now.

    How about if we could cheer him up as a sign of good start for
    his next coming drama in which he would play a breakout role of
    a charming and challenging character ! ! ! ^_^

  6. shandy says:

    I luv his smile as genuine as a simple child, at least it is
    always in my belief he will behave exactly in the way of
    what stuff is in his mind—— the memories of his childhood
    as he has always wanted to retain…….

  7. shandy says:


    The ball field is waiting
    with her open arms
    The crowd is crammed
    holding their breath
    The garish spotlights
    chase away the sneering darkness

    Standing on the pitcher’s ground
    isolated in the vastness of emptiness
    You are not alone
    We are here, our songs and cheers
    keeping you company at all times

    Never mind if you could not
    hear the thunder roar
    The applause is still there
    far from the end of earth
    The cohesive power
    comes from inside you, outside of the crowd

    Geared up not for victory
    it is a preparation of confidence
    for the further milestones of tomorrow
    So, are you ready ?

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