Re-watching Gapdong (Episode 5)

This is one episode which made me cringe  ….. to witness that horrific beating of a defenseless Mu Yeom by Cheol Gon in the interrogation room, first with a metal chair and then ruthlessly kicking him when he was down. And that scene of Mu Yeom brandishing an axe to claim Cheol Gon’s finger. Both Sung Dong-il and Sang Hyun were superb in their acting here, and deserving of an award. 

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11 Responses to Re-watching Gapdong (Episode 5)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, I always thought that only the old ladies with big bag can fight, but not… Everybody does it! I think the majority of Korea should go for a course where they can learn how to derive the tension… Perhaps, after it Korea would be a more peaceful place and they don’t drink so much!
    It was terrible to see someone to beat sh, even if it was only a film… I think it’s more fearful, when someone for whom you have deeper feelings, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a relative or only acquaintance, is beaten in front of your eyes… And he as a “real monk” doesn’t protect himself… I think if that hatchet would have been in my hand… Although, I am a peace-loving person, but if someone would offend the people whom I love, I would turn to a Tiger mother and could be very cruel!
    I think this drama is very good, very exciting and forming the roles by actors and actresses are great! That’s why I am sorry that it was broadcast only on a small and paying channel, where only a very small part of people could watch it. If it could be seen on a bigger channel, I am sure more of them could have been awarded, SH is among them!!!

  2. shandy says:

    The most disputed middle finger sticking up of YCG ——
    all it carries the meaning of f _ _ _ off ! To me it’s the rudest
    kinda sign~~ ! !!Lucky him changed to his index finger when
    he had his second round of faked dispute with MY.
    The hatchet is too small of its size, hahaha !

    MY would get mad at injustice, but he was good enough to stick
    to the rules, so he didn’t simply run wild into chopping down YCG’ s
    finger, a man who had humiliated HMY’s dignity and could even
    aggravate MY’s life into an unimaginable dept of misery including
    taking his life away….

    HMY was a champion of the ill-treated or victims in any cases.
    Most of the time he looked cool, but he sometimes could be a
    stinger, whoever opened way to fall into his skepticism.. In that
    way, his witty humor made him a lovable man. I like seeing his
    lips curl into a sly and fathomless smile when he tried to make
    RTO ( the serial killer suspect) to get to his quiz. In actual fact
    HMY was not all cold-blooded but a fully aware and vigilant
    detective. ^_^

  3. juleecwk says:

    In that scene of CG’s horrific beating, it wasn’t because MY did not defend himself but because he couldn’t as he was handcuffed to the table leg. As I had mentioned at that time, the kind of brute force CG used with a metal chair would have caused MY severe head injuries.

    Another thing I’m still wondering about is from where did MY get that axe. Similarly, with that kind of force he used to ‘chop’ CG’s finger, I would have thought his fingers if not his hand would have been severed. Haha.

    • shandy says:

      I think you’re rite, Julee.
      We’ve to utilize the ample room for our rich
      imagination, and at the same time give way to
      the fertile expediency of Yoon’s on-the-spot acting
      skills ~~ ^_^ HMY must be 100% cool-headed in
      applying his accuracy of brandishing the axe upon
      YCG’s index finger only —— that means a cm miss
      would have led to a terrible blunder, and the all fingers
      of YCG would be gone, hahha ~ the outcome was no
      less or no more than a index finger being done, that
      is to say HMY was a perfect ” chopper ” ^_^

      While for the doubts arising from where the source of
      the axe from —— the only solution I could put up to
      solve the mystic speculation is a ” joint conspiracy ”
      committed by both HMY and YCG, so that part of
      YCG to get the axe from somewhere secretly was
      omitted, coz’ the plot writer liked to make use of our
      fertile imagination to make every part of the story
      a possible twist and turn, as long as she felt it would
      temper some serve of our fanciful empathy,hahaha ! ^_^

  4. Henrietta says:

    Yes, as Shandy said it is a ‘joint conspiracy’ between YCG and HMY. When HMY got caught after chopping the finger, the scene that showed their conversation implied the axe was given by YCG but would the axe be too big for such a small finger. Lots of negative comments made at Youku about where the axe come from!!

    • juleecwk says:

      Just curious to know from those comments you mentioned ….. where did they think the axe came from?
      One possibility I had thought of is that it could be from seized weapons found at crime scenes and kept in the police station.
      But then such weapons would usually be kept under lock as evidence.

      • Henrietta says:

        Some of the comments from ‘Tudou’ and ‘Youku’ are “can the scriptwriter be more serious, how come a prisoner get the axe”; “the axe is a magic trick”; “really funny, unbelievable”; “crazy drama”; “it is ridiculous for HMY to have the axe”; “I was shocked by the axe” ….. Julee, can you read Chinese? Example of comments in Chinese: “斧子亮瞎我了”; “斧子真搞笑”; “震驚了,神來之筆”….

      • juleecwk says:

        I’m not very good with Mandarin so used google translate 🙂

        I didn’t realize that other viewers had wondered about the origin of the axe. At that time of watching, I was too caught up with the tension in that scene that I did not think too much about it. I suppose only the script writer can explain 🙂

  5. shandy says:

    I tried to think about if the imperious YCG the Fear Tiger could
    ever temper his despotism with a bit of his mercy on HMY…
    Our poor MY being handcuffed and trampled entirely had lost his
    supremacy of fighting back, an uneven game on the warpath….

    Oh yeah, my dear Zsuz came up with the idea of ‘ Fear Tiger
    Mother ‘ , a very creative imagination with the tiger mother to tame
    the fear tiger, haha !^_^

    A series of banging on the head with a metal chair can lead to a
    brain concussion, or an internal bleeding, no matter how strong the
    person can be…… it shall be advisable to have a pre-warning of
    ‘ No Copycat Of Gapdong and Banging the Head with Chair ‘
    displayed on screen b4 hand, but if tvN did have any, I might have

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