Singles Life (2006 Kdrama)

I saw a media article about actress Moon Jung Hee’s appearance on MBC’s program ‘Radio Star’ which had mentioned her passionate scene with Sang Hyun in the 2006 SBS Kdrama ‘Single Life’ (독신천하).
It certainly got my attention.
CS 6

CS 5

I knew Sang Hyun had appeared in this drama but have not watched it as I could not find it online. Decided to try my luck on google and found out a little more about it. In this 14 episodes drama Sang Hyun plays the role of Yoon Ji Hyun, a rich owner of a classy fitness center who likes to flirt with women.
For those who would like to watch this drama, you can check out these sites:
I had some problem with the sites as I can see some of the clips but not others. Even with my login to the SBS site, all I got was a black screen which does not play. Could be a problem with my browser or player plugin but I did manage to get a couple of screen shots of Sang Hyun in episode 1, with his killer eyes  @_@
If anyone knows of another site to watch this drama, please let us know.
This drama is also known as ‘Common Single’.

CS 1-2

CS 2-3

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6 Responses to Singles Life (2006 Kdrama)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, I have seen this drama on a dramasite many years ago, which was deleted since then and yes, there’s nowere online. I tried those two linkes, but as I am not registered, I could watch only the short scenes, but I can remember very vigorously for the restaurant scene as SH looked very well there in that aubergine shirt and his look was amazing with that slight smile. I am not surprised that actress can remember very well, although, I don’t know which part of SH’s acting was with so big influence for her, the eyes or the kiss scene or… then he was perhaps real single… 😀 I always tell that he is great with camera… I wonder if he still has the same influence for a woman who is standing in front of him… 😀 Perhaps, in the past, but now… ? Once, we should take a chance… 😀 Of course, I think it depends on eyes into he is looking… 😀 By the way, recently he is wearing sunglasses many times, his wife should have forced him to wear it, as not to cause problems with eyes between women… 😀
    Unfortunately, the scene of the first photo is not too familiar for me, but the scene when he was sitting alone at the terrace of the cafe, waiting for someone… in vain…And the big slap from a girl… are much more familiar to me! 😀 Perhaps, as he told that he is always waiting for someone, in every interview…? I don’t know but that waiting scene on the terrace is so typical for SH’s personality or image, at least when I am thinking about him, this is the first thing that comes into my mind… waiting… strange!
    I liked this drama very much!

    • juleecwk says:

      It’s strange that last night I was able to watch the full episodes in the SBS site but now it’s just a black screen with endless circling in the centre. It’s good that you were able to watch this drama previously. Did it have a good ending and did Sang Hyun’s character end up with Moon Jung Hee’s character or the other lady? I don’t mind knowing the finale before watching a drama, in fact I would usually jump to the final episode to find out so that I can then take my time to watch a drama 🙂

  2. shandy says:

    Yoon played Yoon Ji-hoon, gorgeous, rich and elegant, with
    a glib tongue as well. His good looks, splendid manners and
    dashing appearance attracted most ladies.
    Well, Yoon was a real stud,, circling around those single women,
    had confidence and grace, could have a one nite stand too…..
    oh, my God, I haven’t finished the whole eps till now even if I
    have a big crush on Yoon……I’m subjective to his playboy style.
    He is too good to play the role of pleasant seeker, very glad he
    stopped taking on the same kinda role again! ^_^

    His flirtatious smile, his chemical wavelength transmitted always
    makes adrenalin rush. Watching the trailer, my attention was fully
    on Ji-heon’s mischievous teasing, then pulling and embracing
    MJH having an abrupt Bungy jump.
    Wow, I could have expected Yoon had a real jump ~~ !
    What a true gut of adrenalin Bungy ! !!!

    As remaining as common single, YJH, a man who refused to take
    on nuptial commitment and responsibility, and who also refused
    to center his luv on a woman only, parted with MJH out of his
    misunderstanding MJH’s emotional entanglement with NJW. So
    both Ji-heon and MJH had slipped their opportune time to get
    together.Yoon’s character fitted thoroughly into the title of the
    drama more than enough, so did MJH, who remained single in
    the end…. But I think it is not the ending, they might come to reunite
    if Ji-heon flied back from the US if they were still connected and
    attached their feelings to each other…..

    Thanks Julee for your link!^_^
    I’ve searched the net and come across this :
    14 episodes altogether, sorry if you’re able to read in Chinese sub ~~

    • juleecwk says:

      Thanks Shandy for the link, at least I can continue with the last 4 ep. 🙂
      There is certainly a lot of SH’s bewitching smile throughout this drama but I do think he has yet to reach his full potential at that time. And I was trying to watch his eyes, whether he could maintain his gaze in front of the actress. SH had once mentioned that he was nervous acting with the ladies. Ah, so his character did not end up with either of those 2 ladies. I was a bit surprised that Ji Hyun was interested in Jung Won as she does not seem his type.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Julee, for SH is not a problem if the woman is not his type, as his wife wasn’t his type and he has married her! 😀 Otherwise, who knows why someone likes the other, I think this is physics mainly, and who knows what would happen if you know the other! 😀
        Well, Shandy, that adrenalin rush… 😀 😀 😀 No comment!!!
        If he didn’t do the bungy jumping… it doesn’t matter as I would never do it! It’s too dangerous for nothing… As his good friend also refused it, you know EJW. 😀

      • juleecwk says:

        I do believe that a couple can grow together even if they might not start off as each other’s ideal. A relationship requires commitment and it’s important that people can accept each other’s differences. Compatibility yes, but being different can make an interesting relationship too. I don’t believe that one needs to do everything together. That’s my personal view on relationships 🙂

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