Singles Life (2)

Casts from left to right:
Sang Hyun  ….. Yoon Ji Hyun, owner of an upper class fitness center
Yoo Seun ……… Han Young Eun, ex-teacher who has a crush on Hyun Su
Kim Yu Mi …… Nam Jung Won, drama script writer in a relationship with Hyun Su
Lee Yoon Woo ….. Jang Hyun Su, doctor
Moon Jung Hee ….. Seo Hye Jin, dating agency executive
Kang Ji Sub …….. Kang Woo Hyeok, fitness center instructor who’s interested in Young Eun
It’s so frustrating trying to watch this drama on the SBS site. I am able to watch a number of the episodes in full but would get that endless circling within a blank screen for the other episodes. Sometimes I would have to refresh the browser a few times before the clips play but it does not always work.
I can only get the gist of this drama as I’m watching it raw so will only summarize with the above description of the casts.  The 2 women involved with Ji Hyun are Hye Jin and Jung Won. If I can get the screen to work again, I will jump to the final episode to find out who Ji Hyun ends up with or would it be with neither since his character is said to be committed to staying single.
4Seems I had misread the media article about this scene in episode 4 as the lady above is not Hye Jin (Moon Jung Hee) but someone Ji Hyun met in a club (in 5th picture below)
Some of the screen shots from episodes 5 – 10. 




6bAnother kissing scene, this time with Hye Jin


7aBungee jumping with a terrified Jung Won






Ji Hyun comforting a heartbroken Jung Won, after her break-up with Hyun Su



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5 Responses to Singles Life (2)

  1. shandy says:

    So many passionate kisses with so many women,
    couldn’t stand him, Yoon Ji-hyun ! ^_^

    YJH, so smart the bungy suit, so handsome the playboy
    —— a man shall we love to hate or hate to love, hahah!^_^

    I’m wondering how a PD placed his specification on looking
    for a rakish style of a swinger, did he see through the specialty
    in Yoon’s traits making the playboy a success?
    Playboy normally veers toward women more in a sense of
    playmates rather than soul-mates .

    Ji-Hyun seemed a little different from an all-round playboy, he
    fell in love with HJW, but they were destined to break off, as
    Ji-hyun confessed in his MP3 particularly left for JW : ” You’d
    once asked me about this : ” Why a celibatarian ? It’s not coz’
    there’s no true luv, it’s simply coz’ of luv being gone, it’s my
    answer ……”

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think he was a really good playboy with feelings, sometimes for too much women at the same time! 😀 He is goodlooking, charming and and very well dressed. That white shirt with black buttons and that black coat… He is excellent! And his hairstyle was very good here, contrary his hair nowadays…
    Hearing from him celibacy… 😀 strange, I wonder what SH thinks and thought about this and about: There’s no tru love??? in reality… 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      He does look good with this slightly wavy hairstyle and his black suit with white shirt reminds me of Dongchan. His character in this drama is unlikely to practice celibacy, probably he would just remain as someone who doesn’t commit to one woman. I don’t feel for his pairing with this actress and don’t quite like part of her character that was the cause of her breakup with both men.

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