Singles Life (Love Lost)

Are relationships dependent on fate or simply because of one’s choice? Or perhaps it was just not meant to be. I might have felt a little sad that Ji Hyun and Jung Won broke up in end but I am not sorry it happened. 
Captures from episode 12 – 14 ….. my focus is mainly on Sang Hyun as usual.
















14-8The last straw for Ji Hyun was watching Jung Won’s farewell embrace with Hyun Su.








14-16Jung Won finds an MP3 player which Ji Hyun had left in her letter box.
He had recorded a voice message to her but she probably did not find out until later.


Ji Hyun would be flying off the next day and he had intended to see her for the last time.


14-20Gazing sadly at Jung Won as she walks off into the distance.
And this is where I get a lump in my throat as well. 



14-23Jung Won discovers the recorded message from Ji Hyun …… his parting words as he left for the airport.
You have asked me why I have committed to remaining single.
There was no answer at that time but I can tell you now.

It is not because I have not met someone I love.
It’s because of love lost.
That is my answer.
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5 Responses to Singles Life (Love Lost)

  1. shandy says:

    I luv that scene of Ji-hyun standing amidst the crowd passing
    by, it makes me feel an air of sorrow lingering around the nearby
    boughs of the trees, that seeing the loneliness hanging around,
    it’s beautifully heart-aching……..
    Yoon’s sorrowful eyes, the shade of melancholy that settled in
    those captivating eyes… an unspeakable and breathtaking
    beauty…..I luv that kinda quietness comforting the tumult and
    recklessness of the soul;in a split second, it settled the unsettled.
    If Ji-hyun chose to be single, he could be happier, I root for that

    • juleecwk says:

      SH’s expressive eyes never fail to move me 🙂
      My favorite scene was in MFL when Dongchan turned back to gaze at HN as he was leaving (after quitting as butler).
      Those eyes spoke volumes to me and left me with the strongest impression.
      Eyes that can really touch our hearts.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think it was a good end of the drama, and perhaps, Ji Hyun was right!
    But for me some photos were very interesting and some similar photos came into my mind. When I saw the first, the Farewell to sorrow came into my mind! The bridge, the sad man… 😀 The 16th photo: SH is in the car and another sceen flashed into my mind: Gapdongi. How great developement SH went through during his acting career from this photo to the photo of Gapdongi… This is the same man, but completely different… Good! Although, my heart is smiling when I see the 7th photo! 😀 And the 8th photo… Well, one of my favorite movie came into my mind, although, that is not SH’s film… I think I am a little bit too assocative 😀

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