Singles Life (Pairing)

I finally managed to finish this drama after struggling with the frustrating blank screens and repeated commercials on each browser reloading.  Skipping some episodes, returning to watch them later and then jumping to the final episode is of course not a good way to watch a drama. Watching it raw had also left me with parts that I do not understand.
My personal take on the characters pairing:
Ji Hyun  Yoo Mi
Yoon Ji Hyun (Sang Hyun) and Nam Jung Won (Kim Yoo Mi) 
I’m not sure why but their pairing up is not something I would root for, and I still do not understand why he likes her. Perhaps it was her indifference to him initially which piqued his interest and he saw something in her as he got to know her better. Ji Hyun was never serious in his relationship with women but he fell in love with her.  She could have been the one he was willing to commit to but unfortunately it did not work out for them.
One thing which I find rather annoying and which had upset Ji Hyun as well, is her lingering feelings for Hyun Woo and inability to let go. Enough of her woeful expression. I don’t blame Ji Hyun for giving up on her after witnessing her farewell hug with Hyun Woo. If I were in his shoes, I would probably have done the same.
JH  Moon Jung Hee 3
Yoon Ji Hyun and Seo Hye Jin (Moon Jung Hee)
She found him attractive and was the one who made the first move to get his attention. Though they did get together for a while, their relationship did not progress beyond a few dates. I thought she was more suited to Ji Hyun.
Lee Hyun Woo 5  Yoo Mi 2
Jang Hyun Soo (Lee Hyun Woo) and Nam Jung Won
From what I could conclude, their break-up was perhaps due to her reluctance to fully commit to their relationship and she was too caught up with work to have time for him. But what puzzles me is why they did not just reconcile since they obviously love each other.
Lee Hyun Woo 6  Yoo Seun 3
Jang Hyun Soo and Han Young Eun (Yoo Sun)

Young Eun is the most tortured character where her heart is concerned. Though she had a mighty crush on Hyun Soo, she would not allow herself to show her feelings despite her constant longing and heartache. Even after Hyun Soo and Jung Won’s break-up, she still believed it was not right for her to go for him. Despite everything, they do end up as a couple in the end.
kang ji sub 3  Yoo Seun 4
Kang Ji Sub (Kang Woo Hyuk) and Han Young Eun 
I find this pairing rather cute. Even though Young Eun only has eyes for Hyun Soo, Ji Sub is persistent in his affection for her. I feel sorry for him that they did not end up together. But just as it is with Jung Won, Young Eun’s constant on-the-verge-of-tears expression over Hyun Soo got on my nerves. What’s with these women?
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3 Responses to Singles Life (Pairing)

  1. Mimi says:

    Thank you so much dear julee for giving us an idea about this drama 👍 Actually I haven’t seen it and I must thank you again for the links to watch it .. YSH is gorgeous as usual .. I like his adorable look with that hairstyle and the charming smile that melts the woman ‘s heart ☺️ .. Oska does the same too and I’m waiting for a new role that makes me fly to Korea just to say thanks for hard work great oppa 😀👏 wish him the best of luck 💪

    • juleecwk says:

      I’m glad to be able to watch it too as this drama is difficult to find online. Unfortunately there are no Eng subs so have missed out on a lot of the dialogue. I remember someone had mentioned that most of SH’s roles do not end up with the woman …. not sure about the earlier dramas which I have not watched. I hope his next role will be an interesting one and something different from the previous ones.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Julee, what’s with them? Nothing, they are completely normal women with uncertain feelings, like in reality! I think the humans are the only ones who are thinking too much and doing things despite their intuitons and instincts. For this the men say: they are women, but what’s about man? I should say they are the same! No doubt! This drama is very good example for it! 😀 And you know without a well-convoluted story there’s no korean or mexican or… drama! 😀

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