Re-watching Gapdong (Episode 7)

During Mu Yeom’s tense face-off with Tae Oh on the roof top, he was accidentally hit by a ricocheting bullet which Chul Gon had fired when trying to disarm him. 











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2 Responses to Re-watching Gapdong (Episode 7)

  1. shandy says:

    Feel so helpless I, every time when Mu-yeom’s fury and
    indignation flash past my sight, I’m loaded with unkind sadness,
    it’s so heavy……..
    With his cry for justice to the innocence induces the anaesthetic
    conscience to revived consciousness…..
    He reminds me of a contingent measure to curb the terrorist act.
    Terrorist act is also a kinda psycho inclination.
    They trade human’s life for toy, travelling from human flesh to a
    cold-blooded territory…..
    Though it’s a drama, it’s a real episode.
    I won’t call a psycho a human…..
    HMY’s determination stirs me to never giving up to despair,
    firmly believing in what we believe power shall give us peace……
    Nobody owns any rite to eliminate another’s life, no way……
    not even a psycho…. !
    Through drama’s cast, it proclaims justice overriding the evils.
    HMY’s heroism is counted as a contrary to his craziness .
    We are always longing for a real hero to satiate our hunger
    for peacefulness, through Gapdong, our desire is fulfilled by
    HMY’s persisted heroism, HMY in my eyes in my heart , a true
    hero! This is where my heart belongs to…….

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    When I saw this sceen I was really scared as it was very exciting, even if I knew that is not the reality, but it wasn’t good to see him at the edge of roof!
    But now I am thinking of back to his last dramas, he was always injured… In Can’t lose CJW hit him, in I Hear Your Voice, as HP was injured on his forehead and here in Gapdongi again on his forehead and …. Hopefully, he was saved by the scriptwriters until now! I am afraid next time he would have too much injuries… but, hopefully the scriptwriters and directors would still love him… 😀 I am waiting for the next drama! 😀

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