Soon …..

Ever since we heard the happy news in June that Sang Hyun and Maybee were expecting their first child, I’ve been looking forward to the day when we can share their joy in welcoming their little one.  Should be any day now, before Christmas if I’m not mistaken.  I certainly hope we will be able to see a photo of junior.
There had been no updates from Sang Hyun (as usual) so it is a pleasant surprise that we are able to share the thoughts of the mum-to-be in preparing for the baby’s arrival. Please visit her blog for the photos of baby gifts and the excited dad-to-be with his baby carrier backpack, in anticipation of future hiking activities with his little one. The baby is referred to as 햇님 (Haenim) which should be her name.
A simple translation from what I can understand from the blog post:
January 2015 was all about planning for their wedding on 8th February and not a day went by which did not involve the wedding preparation. Preparing the album and writing the lyrics was different. Feeling for the first time the process of preparing for birth. And just less than a year, November 2015 was about having a child with the person she loves.
The inexperienced mum and dad are grateful to the people around them as they constantly had questions about the various cute baby products they were looking at. They are familiar with the vest (with one side overlapping the other in front) but unsure of the gown (similar to a bodysuit). They know about the swaddling but why is the swaddle cum blanket required? The pleasure with looking through the internet searching for this and that, visualizing what the baby will wear and eat brought more happiness than thought.
She was confused when she noticed the above-mentioned attire which her mum had prepared for the baby’s bed clothes. A gift from the Japanese fans was mentioned but I’m not sure what it is. She’s very thankful for all the beautiful gifts and had wanted to take pictures of them but felt that her photography technique was inadequate. All these gifts were kept in a box after cleaning. In the midst of preparing the maternity items, thoughts of her own mum which came to mind brought a longing to see mum.
This next part is probably referring to some other person’s kids ….. she is already on a different level with the other mothers. By the time she is able to bring Haenim out, their children would  be going to kindergarten and elementary school. She wonders if they intend to have a 3rd one and talks about the cute gift from her classmates (should be referring to the grey dress with white furry collar). If I’m not mistaken, her joke with her younger sister about leaving home for a spring wedding and giving birth in winter, and the gift from her as a beloved elder sister would be less laundry to take care of. 
The baby stroller and carriers are gifts which she’s really excited with and thankful for. She does not dye her hair these days so it has developed into 2 tones, and she has to endure swollen hands and feet. Told not to worry that when giving birth and raising a child, naturally these days it is in vogue to have 2 tones. These words might not be of much comfort but even so, it’s alright …….. because she is a mum. 
Referring to the picture of a smiling Sang Hyun examining the baby carrier backpack ….. for the climber Sang Hyun, even hiking alone on a tough mountain with the baby. Fun for Haenim and having to bear her weight, the husband’s shoulders look even more cool today. Have tried the dogs in the stroller and checked out the carrier many times …… yes, it’s November for Haenim. She had taken many term photos but it does not seem fitting for her.  Also feeling embarrassed needlessly as with the original intention, it does not matter.
Yesterday and today she had chanced upon an old photo of her mum in the yard of her childhood house in Busan. Her mum was in her late 2os then, wearing a floral dress which shows a protruding tummy. At that time, her mum was pregnant with her. Looking at her pregnant mum, she could understand that just like herself now, mum must have felt a lot of inconvenience and tiredness.  She had marveled at one of her childhood photos, asking mum if she was really in it. From the date written at the back of a photo, it was clear that she was born a few days after. 
It makes her realize that there are things one do not know until one becomes a mother. We guess that we know everything in this world but are there still many things she does not know? Thinking about it, there are many things  we do not know in depth.
She thought that mum too was like herself.  To have understanding when looking at the tiredness on mum’s face, she will also give Haenim the opportunity to be able to say ‘Mum too was like me’. And shyly take some pictures to record her tummy, without showing tiredness as much as possible. 
Her message to Haenim:
Haenim ….. mum and dad have been waiting for you throughout 10 months to Christmas of 2015.
Now it’s not even a month left to Christmas,

Surely ….. because you will be here.
Before October, we were waiting for you as we listened to carols.
Wanting very much to see you.
With health that enfolds you.
Love you.
There had been much to celebrate in February and in addition receiving much congratulation for Haenim’s growth, the thought of writing with good cheer …… Merry Christmas!! Pre-Christmas !!
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5 Responses to Soon …..

  1. Henrietta says:

    Julee, Many thanks for the translation. It showed the excitement and happiness of the inexperienced mum and dad. Looking forward to the birth of the little one. May the God bless the lovely couple and the baby!

  2. shandy says:

    A great time we have, for every word every sentence is read
    with great anticipation of excitement…
    The radiant eyes the blissful smile are the reflection of their
    unconcealed joy ! ^_^
    December could be the most wonderful, the most anticipated
    and the most memorable month, me too being tinged with the
    hue of their excitement they are enjoying now, and I wish I could
    have a share of the split second of the joyful moment with their new
    born coming to join the lovable, the charming and the amazing
    dad and mum !

    Thank you so much Julee for letting use share the precious piece
    of news, and the precious moment of the going to be dad and mum,
    and our loved one…….!

    • juleecwk says:

      Really looking forward to the arrival of their beloved and can’t wait to see the update (with a pic of course). It would make my day to see the joy on SH’s face 🙂

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, you know when SH in the Human Condition 2 was talking about his dream, I mean the moving poo with seeds in it, I was immediately congratulate him on this blog. I was sure the he will have soon child! I can remember the faces of his mates (mainly EJW) hearing the possible solution of the dream from SH! 😀 And his dream became true very soon! 😀 And now soon the result will be here, a beautiful and heallthy baby! I was always sure that SH will have a daughter as to him a girl fits very well!
    The clothing of their daughter is beautiful, mainly that coat? with white fur! The little child would be wonderful in them! And who sees the feets and hands when a would-be mom is smiling! 😀 In Hungary there’s a proverb for men: See her mother well and after then marry her daughter! 😀 It’s about the similarity about the mom and daughter! Hopefully, SH has done it! 😀
    Yoon Hae Nim? It sounds very well and will surely fits to his lovely face!
    Bye the way, SH is too quick to buy a backpack as at least her daughter should learn to sit! 😀 I hope his physical condition improved a lot as if not, for summer he should be in condition as taking that bagpack with his daughter and all the necessary things, well, it won’t be easy! 😀
    Otherwise, I am happy that they will have a wonderful daughter who will make happy all the family! 😀 I wish to the would-be mom a quick and easy giving birth and good health and to the dad, wonderful experience when he will see his daughter for the first time and mainly when he is holding in his arms! 😀 And we are waiting for that photo! 😀 Bye the way, are you Sang-Hyeon enough brave to be with your wife in the delivery room? 😀 I hope!

    • juleecwk says:

      What really comes through in their photos in MB’s blog post is their joy. A radiant mum-to-be and an excited dad with that happy smile. And in SH’s Instagram photo of him wearing a blue jacket in the snow, his happiness shines through. It’s a wonderful feeling and I’m already feeling excited for them. That moment when he finally holds his little girl in his arms will be truly special.

      Now that SH has his Instagram, I hope he will fill it with pics of his little girl and share with us their precious moments 🙂

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