From Instagram (2015-12-03)

instagram 03-12-2015
Snowy morning walk
The snow covered landscape is beautiful but it must be so cold.
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4 Responses to From Instagram (2015-12-03)

  1. shandy says:

    Hi, good morning , My dearest oppa ! ^_^
    So nice to see him together with his two doggies having a
    morning jog ~
    Seems as if he’s keeping the ball rolling in full force for the
    oncoming dinner show ~ fighting, oppa ! ! !!!

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    The landscape could be wonderful these days at Paju! Unfortunately, we have no snow as it’s too warm! 😦 Hopefully for Christmas we will have some as all I want for Christmas is… SNOW! 😀 I also wonder why SH likes football so much nowadays, but I am very happy about it as I am a soccer fan, too! But I think now he can make only snowball and snowman in this weather, or perhaps, his little white dog would be a snowball in that big snow!!! 😀 I had many problems with the “snowballs” on the long fur of my dogs’ feet! 😀 And finding them in the snow as they had no coats and they were white! 😀 This blue is very nice! 😀
    It’s good to see new posts from SH! Next time we should receive a snow-angel from him, perhaps??? 😀 I made it many times in the big snow with my hands and feets! It was really fun! And when I throw snowball for them to take it back and they were unable and we laughed a lot! Wonderful memories! 😀 I am sure his wife has also wonderful memories about her previous dog and the new one makes her happy! 😀 I hope Manseok also enjoys the walking with SH in the snow!!!

  3. Mimi says:

    I have never made snow men as my country has no snow but I’m sure it’s a big fun 😀I miss walking in the snowfall even if it’s very cold .. Oppa you’re wonderful in blue 💞👍enjoy and have fun .. Wish to see u playing with the baby when she grows up a little in the same snow 💪

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