From Instagram (2015-12-02)

Instagram 02-12-2015
만석이도 잘 있어
Manseok is good too.
A snapshot of Sang Hyun playing with Manseok.
Love this clip from his Instagram, played out in slow motion. 
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4 Responses to From Instagram (2015-12-02)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I love Manseok very much from the moment when I saw a smiling photo about this lovely dog. That smile was amazing as he was near to Sang Hyeon… And now they are living separately, even I know that SH loves him… This is very painful for a dog, mainly for a shepherd one! 😢 As last summer he told that he would show us the only one whom he loves and that was Manseok… My big problem is that my memory is too good! I hope he would post more photos about Manseok and of course Rooney and Coco… 😊

    • juleecwk says:

      A big dog and type of breed like Manseok would be happier living in a place with lots of space to run around in so his mum’s place in Paju is ideal. I’m sure SH is there quite often, and his house is just next to mum’s. Even if he needs to stay in Seoul for work, he would go back to Paju often. It’s not that far from Seoul.

  2. Gilda says:

    i like this shot.mansell must be a clever dog with the good training from his master…SH.

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