From Instagram (2015-12-05)

The happy daddy sharing more of his excitement today.
I was hoping he would post a photo of his little girl, but perhaps it’s too soon.
instagram 05-12-2015
오늘도 설레이네요 …. 😁😁😁
Today is thrilling too ….
(This photo of the baby mobile hanger should be from the baby’s room back home)


instagram 05-12-2015b

이건 몰까요? 😆😆😆
What is this?
This would be the start of daddy and mummy’s care of their little one.
I’m sure Sang Hyun’s heart is still filled with the wonder of his little girl and of becoming a father.
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6 Responses to From Instagram (2015-12-05)

  1. Gilda says:

    congratulations to Sang Hyun and Maybee for the new baby girl !

  2. Lily says:

    As I said before (when the news appeared on weibo, but not official yet) my personal wish was to be a girl because girls usually resemble with their fathers and most often they give to fathers an extra love. I believe she will be beautiful and talented as her daddy is.

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    That mobile hanger is really lovely and it is very good skill developing game! It’s said if a little baby is watching it for a long time from day by day, his/her logical ability will developing a lot!. So, it’s very important! I had to tell when I was baby, I was lying many times under the trees and while the wind was blowing the leaves were moving! (Special mobile hanger for summer!)
    I don’t know if there’s anything in the diaper, but surely not poo, as then SH won’t be so happy to hold it near to his nose! 😀 And he holds it conversely! 😀
    I hope his wife has enough breast milk as that is very important for the immune system of the baby! Hopefully, she will be a silent child for the sake of parents, but if she is similar to SH, she won’t be as he like to talk too much, sometimes, but sometimes not (communication with fans) 😀
    Fighting brandnew parentsI I think just it’s coming the hardest part of the family life! 😀 But everyone will forget the many problem when that little princess will smile at you!

    • juleecwk says:

      I’m sure that is a new diaper he’s holding. SH sure radiates happiness in the photos he’s posted in his Instagram. We are all waiting for a glimpse of his precious little one, hope we don’t have to wait too long. I’m sure she’s going to be beautiful just like mum and dad. It would be nice to be able to watch her growing up, just like all the cuties on ‘The Return of Superman’.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Once he mentioned that he would never participate in the Return of Superman!, but who knows, he might change his mind in the future. It would be good to see the little princess to grow up in front of our eyes and I think it is not a bad income for those families and popularity is much higher in case of the daddies since they are in that serial. But being always in front of the camera and living your lives among strangers in their own flat or house… I don’t know if it’s worth it! And as we see in the Human Condition, his wife, even if she was on stage for a long time, she is not that social person! So, if the strangers won’t be problem for SH, for her would surely be! I surely hate to see everywhere stranger and staff where I want to go, and you cannot hide even at home!
        Of course, it would be wonderful to see his lovely daughter…

      • juleecwk says:

        Yes I suppose there would not be much privacy with all the camera crew filming inside the house and the children too are not living a ‘normal’ life being on camera most of the time. Probably that is the part of the reason Uhm Tae Woong and his daughter Ji-On left the show recently. Seems there are rumours that Song Il Kook and his cute triplets might be leaving the show too as he’s now filming a drama. It must be tough juggling the busy filming schedules. But if they do leave the show, many fans would be disappointed as the triplets are a favorite for many, even for myself though I did not follow all the episodes.

        Even if SH would not be in this show, sharing a pic of his little girl occasionally would be great. I would love to see a pic of them together with the dogs too 🙂

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