From Instagram (2015-12-07)

instagram 07-12-2015–ekfjtyFC/
크리스마스가 기다려지는이유..😉😉😉
The reason of waiting for Christmas
instagram 07-12-2015b–ewCttyFQ/
아이고 좋아라..😆😆😆
Ooh nice …..
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One Response to From Instagram (2015-12-07)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    It’s very strange, as for the first sight I thought (from the second photo) that it is my Robin dog. It looked like him with a small one in front of him. But seeing the first photo, it was like a polar bear with his/her little bear cub. 😀 It doesn’t matter which of them, but they are very cute! 😀 And mainly it is still lit!!! Wow! And I cannot see well from the lovely round-faced SH, but there’s a little foot behind him, just like a deer??? Well, if it is his home, the decoration could be fantastic for Christmas! 😀 Hopefully, he would sing Christmas carols under the tree for his little daughter, making her his eternal fan with his wonderful voice, not just his Daddy! 😀 And of course, as both of them have good voice, they can sing canon which would make her enchante much more! 😀 If she would cry just one song and the sadness or problems are faraway! 😀

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