Daddy’s Girl

As was reported in the media, Sang Hyun and Maybee’s daughter was born on 4th December at 16:40 at the specialist Women’s Hospital in Seongnam, weighing a healthy 3.16 kg.  Sang Hyun’s official agency MGB announced that mother and child would later be transferred to the nearby postpartum care center for recuperation.
A joyful Sang Hyun expressed his appreciation for the fans’ love and encouragement for the safe delivery of his first child. Though the mum has yet to fully recover, there is happiness and gratitude. With more responsibility in future, they will strive to become better parents. After childbirth and postpartum recovery, Maybee will devote herself to childcare for some time while Sang Hyun will consider his next work.  
Being curious about the Women’s Hospital mentioned, I decided to take a look and was really impressed with its facilities. Its affiliated postpartum care center is a luxurious and lovely medical resort that offers professional care for the new mums and babies, and the suites are similar to those of a 6 star hotel.
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4 Responses to Daddy’s Girl

  1. shandy says:

    What a well-thought-out decision Yoon has made for the
    postnatal care of Maybee and the baby~
    The comfortable and luxury postnatal care centre has everything
    Maybee might require, juz name it, mainly to relieve the mums
    from both sides as well…;
    And I think most probably the stressful effort needed is still for the
    child labor.
    As Yoon did mention in the news that he was not entirely certain
    in the real sense of becoming a dad, and yet from his instagram
    I could sense the overjoy was lacing his handsome face.
    The impassionate and mischievous expression he made out is too
    sweet for words~ ^_^
    I couldn’t be happier when the mischievous man has finally come
    to the stage of morphing into an adorable and charming daddy !
    My dearest oppa, you could be a great and lovely father, fighting ~!!!

  2. Henrietta says:

    Wow, the care centre is a very good place for Maybee and the baby. Sang Hyun, you give the best to your family, you are a good husband and father.

  3. juleecwk says:

    It’s certainly a lovely place for recuperation but most likely mum and baby should be back home now. Judging from SH’s latest instagram update, he’s now busy preparing for the coming dinner show and certainly has more inspiration to do his best. Hope the family will have a wonderful Christmas and may the dinner show be another memorable event for the fans.

  4. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, I was sure that SH would do everything for the little princess and for wife. 🙂 It’s really a nice postnatal care center, mainly the 6th floor! It really looks like a very good hotel. Here in Hungary there are some privat clinic, where the prices are very high, but the mom can get everything she needs before and after giving birth of her baby! One of them is at the Danube bank and not just the service and care is very good, but the view is amazing to the Danube Castle Hill! Here it’s tendency that the children and moms have to be always together since the birth of the baby. As I see in South Korea it’s different as I haven’t seen any baby bed in the rooms. Of course, in big clinics here, the mom is with her children, only during the day, but in private clinics in 24 hours, perhaps, as they were together in 24 hours before the birth! 😀 Of course, this is much harder for moms and perhaps, they want to let moms rest as much as they can, just to recover asap! 😀
    Well, I think there’s no need more gifts under the Xmas tree as the ever best is there, the little beautiful princess! 😀 I think how happy could SH’s parents be seeing their grandchild of SH! 😀
    The happiness has a healing power! I wish them more and more happiness! 😀

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