Re-watching Gapdong (Episode 13)

Getting closer to the truth of who the real Gapdong is as Oh-Maria finally remembers his face.
But Gapdong’s identity is already revealed here to viewers as that of Chief Cha Do Hyeok and suddenly the once unlikely suspect has acquired a sinister face.


Mu Yeom is concerned with Oh Maria spending all night interviewing Tae-Oh in the detention centre.
He decides to call Chief Cha so as to gain access and unknowingly interrupts Cha as he was revisiting the crime scene where he had attacked Oh Maria and her friend.

Oh Maria collapses from fatigue after the all-night interview and is upset with Tae Oh’s remark that Gapdong is probably dead. 

Ji-eul too is upset with her own naive belief in Tae Oh.

Waiting in vain for Oh Maria who did not turn up for their date. Profiler Han thought it was possible that she might have returned to that creepy place where she had been attacked by Gapdong.

Caught up with the horror of remembering her encounter with Gapdong and startled by Mu Yeom’s sudden approach without warning, Oh Maria grabs and throws him to the ground.

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