Re-watching Gapdong (Episode 14)

Much to their shock and disbelief, Mu Yeom and Oh Maria finds out that Chief Cha is Gapdong.
It’s a huge blow to Mu Yeom as he had always looked up to Do Hyeok as his role model. 
This shot of Mu Yeom is from the scene of Ji-eul daydreaming that he had come to rescue her from her forced marriage to Tae Oh. I like this pic as it gives the feeling that time is standing still and you do not wish to look away from those eyes.
Carrying out a photo fit sketch of a young Gapdong according to Oh Maria’s recollection of his face.
The next step is to age him digitally to obtain a more accurate appearance at his current age.

The mysterious love note which had dropped from one of Do Hyeok’s books had been written by a lady on the missing person’s list and whose remains had just been found. Her mum could confirm from her handwriting and similar letter paper used that the deceased was her daughter. Believing that her daughter would have wanted Do Hyeok to know how she had felt, her mum requested that the letter be passed to him. 

As Mu Yeom witnessed the bizarre behaviour of Do Hyeok in a trance, vehemently twisting the letter in that signature knot, stabbing and spitting on it in the thrash bin …… it finally dawned on him that Do Hyeok is Gapdong. 

Shocked and devastated ……

The discovery of Do Hyeok being Gapdong was a huge blow but Mu Yeom is determined to get him.

It takes a psycho to understand the mind of another, and this is where Tae Oh might be of help for a change. Mu Yeom offers him the challenge of the ‘chicken race’, with the loser having to lure Do Hyeok out.
‘Chicken race’ ….  both cars racing at high speed towards a cliff and the winner being the one who stops closest to the cliff edge. I was wondering about its unusual name when I realized that the word ‘chicken’ is meant for the loser, as a common derogatory term for a coward. 

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