From Instagram (2015-12-14)

instagram 14-12-2015
저녁은 후배들과 닭갈비요..😁😁😁
At dinner having Dakgalbi with the juniors
This is a spicy dish of marinated chicken fried with various vegetables and rice cakes. As the portion is large, this is usually eaten in a group and the cooking is done by the eatery staff. Rice can be added in later for frying with the remaining vegetables.


instagram 14-12-2015b
오늘 후배에게 받은선물! 고맙다 영민아!😂😂😂
Gift received from the juniors today! Thanks Yeong Min!
Even little Runi is curious about the cute jumper.  It would be great if we could see the baby too.
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3 Responses to From Instagram (2015-12-14)

  1. shandy says:

    Did Runi super fancy the lovely jumper ?
    So much fun of the little dog with its capricious fascination~
    Oh yeah, Yoon will never say cold when winter is getting chilly
    …… at least with the cute puppy adding a bucket of pungency
    into Yoon’s life, particularly in the midst of Maybee’s recuperation
    ( wonder whether she’s still at the care center ?) with her full
    attention on taking good care of Haenim ~~
    At least, I luv to enjoy seeing him enjoy his life with Runi ! ^_^

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    At least he has some free-time now, when his daughter will be at home he won’t have too much.
    Rooney, (I don’t know what is the correct writing) and the daughter have wonderful clothes! Hopefully, we could see her daughter in this jumper, before she would outgrow it! 😁 And I hope she won’t be a new Sleeping beauty for who we ave to wait for years… 😯
    I think if SH’s wife has no difficult birth of baby, like caesarean, then SH could have tought that it would be much safety for his wife to stay in clinic during his concert of Japan! As she won’t be able to supply and care her daughter and the dogs, and mainly herself! So, it’s good idea to know her in the safe clinic! And if it’s similar to a hotel… I wonder if he taljed about her daugher or showed any photo to his japanese fans…?

    • juleecwk says:

      His wife and baby should have already been discharged by now, if there were no complications. Even if the place might be luxurious, there’s no place like home. The recovery suite is probably for the new mums to move into just after giving birth while the delivery facility is reserved for the births. I’m not sure how it is in Korea but for our ladies here, their mothers would usually help out while the new mum is recuperating at home. Or they could hire a confinement nanny for that period.

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