From Instagram (2015-12-18)

instagram 18-12-2015a
Feels as if I’m flying in the sky


instagram 18-12-2015b
어머니가차려주신 맛있는 밥상..고마워요 어머니.😄😄😄
Mother serves a delicious meal ….. thanks mum
Of course food lovingly prepared by mum is always the best.  Good to see Sang Hyun enjoying his hike under the clear blue skies and feeling on top of the world. May you fly to wherever your dreams take you.
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One Response to From Instagram (2015-12-18)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Mom’s meals are always the best, that’s why many wives are angry… 😂 but once every wife will be Mom… 😁
    It’s good that he has time for hiking as it is good for relaxing! But I really wonder if he still has the wings or those were cut a little bit or more… 😎 Although imagination can fly without wings…

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