2015 ‘Always With You’ Dinner Show (From Blog Updates)

For those who would like to read (through web translate) about the dinner show held at the Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort on 26th December, here are some links of the Japanese fan bloggers who had attended the event. 
dinner show 2
dinner show
From my understanding of the blog accounts, Sang Hyun had worn a black tuxedo with gelled slicked back hair revealing his forehead. That is certainly something I would love to see and a wish I had mentioned previously. Unfortunately there is no photo of him from this event.
There were about 190 people and the dinner show started at around 17:30. Sang Hyun made his appearance as Tatsuro Yamashita’s song Christmas Eve was played. It seems Sang Hyun had a cold 3 days before the event which must have had some effect on his performance. Hope he has fully recovered. He sang a total of 14 songs and had fun playing some games with the fans. To the MC’s question as to what gift he would like if he could make a wish, he joked that it would be a Porsche 9114s.
Sang Hyun’s parting message at the end of the show:
Thank you for coming here today and also for saying that my slicked back hairstyle looks good.  I’m sorry that my singing was not satisfactory as I had a cold. This time I had wanted to be in good health and to have nice costumes. Please make sure that everyone do not catch a cold either. Though it’s past Christmas, thank you for dedicating this Saturday to me. 
I hope to see you on TV next.  If you can just wait a while, I think I can show you an appearance which you expect. When the drama ends, I will come to Japan to meet you again. 

Song list:
1.  Without Showing You My Heart (このまま気持ちさえ告げずに)
2.  U-Turn
3.  Sarang Haeess-eoss-eo (사랑했었어) OST from Kdrama Princess Lulu
4.  Helpless Love (사랑은 어쩔 수 없네요 ) OST from Kdrama My Fair Lady
5.  Constellation Of Tears (눈물자리) OST from Kdrama Secret Garden
6.  Never Ending Story (OST from Kdrama Queen Of Housewives)
7.  Do You Know I’m Used To This Feeling ( 정든것 아시나요) OST from Kdrama Can’t Lose
8. Oath
9.  Love Song, Singing To Reach You (君に届くまで歌うラブソング)
10. In This Wide World (この広い世界に)
11. Last Rain (最後の雨)
12. Tomorrow (明日)
13. Liar
14. Summer Story Of 2 People (二人の夏物語)

One of my favourite pics of Sang Hyun with bare forehead.
Another is from the BNT photo shoot (inset pic at right side of blog page)

Feb 2014

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2 Responses to 2015 ‘Always With You’ Dinner Show (From Blog Updates)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    It’s interesting that recently Sang-Hyeon always catches cold when he has to sing, perhaps, it’s stress… 😉 But I am sure he sang very well even if he was ill a little bit… Today I was listening to Last rain on YT from some different singers and I have to admit, he was the best! It’s strange that he returned to the old songs, I thought he would have sung a new song at least… next time… Otherwise I was happy to hear that he sang In this wild World! I like it very much!
    Regarding his hair, I was thinking a lot about his new look, and how he could have looked alike, but I have to tell that only Astro boy came into my mind! 😂 Sorry! I would like to see at least for one moment SH with this hairstyle! I am sure he looked very well in smoking!
    It’s OK, we are waiting for the role that would make us saying: Wow!
    Sang-Hyeon: By the way, it’s great that you are sending posts on instagram and I hope you read the comments, too… 😊

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      I almost forgot, he has good taste in cars, although, my favorite is Lamborghini, but if he will get that porsche, then he won’t need the electric smart anymore, so, I could use it in the city very well! 😁

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