From Instagram (2015-12-29)

instagram 29-12-2015
오늘저녁은 모듬전..맛나겠죠 .. 😆😆
Modeumjeon this evening …. delicious

(Modeumjeon is an assortment of pan-fried ingredients coated with egg batter).
감기는 아직 안나았어요..감기가 오래가요..😢
Have not recovered from the cold yet ….. the cold is long lasting …
Have plenty of rest and hope you will recover soon.
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One Response to From Instagram (2015-12-29)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    It looks really good, and perhaps, it could help SH to recover soon! Although, staying in bed can help a lot! When I catch cold, I am unable to eat anyting, just drink gingertea with lemon and forest honey! By the way, where is his special healing hot tonic, the boiled redwine with onionskin?! 😉 SH should change for ginger tea! 😁 And go to sauna! Although, being together with friends and having fun, makes everyone’s immune system strenghten, if he won’t spread the virus… 😮 Hopefully, his family is healthy! He has to be careful!
    I wish him very quick recovery!

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