Re-watching Gapdong (Episode 20 Finale)

 Finally there is closure as Gapdong Do Hyeok is convicted. Though Tae Oh managed to escape imprisonment through giving up his citizenship and acceptance of permanent exile, his taunting of Do Hyeok led to his own death when he was stabbed by the latter’s henchman. The revelation of Do Hyeok’s dark past of being abused as a child tells us why he became the way he was. Perhaps man is not born evil but circumstances can change him.  
Mu Yeom undergoes high risk surgery to remove the bullet in his temporal lobe, courtesy of Chul Gon’s misfiring his shot. Fortunately the surgery is a success and he undergoes full recovery.  

Mu Yeom’s philosophy ……

That choice is yours alone to make ……
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One Response to Re-watching Gapdong (Episode 20 Finale)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    What you see is an illusion! Well it’s an interesting phylisophy, but I think many people think the same!
    This was a good series and hopefully the next one will be much better, which will be awarded by not just the audience, but by the film critics, too! By the way, the uniform suits him very well! 😉

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