From Instagram (2016-01-03)

instagram 03-01
루니! 나랑 놀아줄꺼야?😄😄
Runi! Are you going to play with me?
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6 Responses to From Instagram (2016-01-03)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Not long ago I have seen a video about a cat who was the babysitter and was ocking te cradle… It was funny! From this photo it cames into my mind…. I have a photo about my first dog, Teddy in the same position, when we were at countryside he ran to the fence and was looking around. He was very curious as the cows were coming home from the meadow and he has never met them before… Sometimes Rooney is very similar to him… 😁 I loved him very much and this was mutual! ❤
    I wonder what his daughter thought about the foreigner family members, although, it says that children can realize the surroundings and the peoples or animals before and after birth!

    • juleecwk says:

      I have watched that clip of the cat rocking the cradle and there was another cat which calms a crying baby by patting her on her head. In this picture, Runi seems to be curious about SH’s baby. Would be lovely for them to grow up together 🙂

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      By the way how to write Rooney? in english? And after whom he received his name???

      • juleecwk says:

        Do you mean writing 루니 in English? It can vary when translated phonetically.
        루니 can be read as Runi/Rooney/Roony/Rooni as they all sound similar.
        But if I read the consonants/vowels as written, 루 is either ‘lu’ or ‘ru’ and 니 is ‘ni’.
        For English names written in Korean, I guess they’re written according to how they sound.

        I’m not sure how Rooney/Runi got its name but my guess for Coco, it’s because of its colour (cocoa).

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        First I thought that they called the white dog Coco, like coconut, but it seems Coco is the brown one. At least the coconut is brown from outside, too or cocoa… 😀 Who knows? Regarding the white one I thought that nowadays SH likes the football very much and he might be a Rooney fan??? and he gave the name after the famous football player, but I don’t know. As I saw Rooney likes to run after ball contrary Coco. By the way, my Robin was excellent football player and his nickname was Rubinho after the brazilian football star! 😀 I am FC Liverpool and FC Barcelona fan, so, Rooney, even if he was born in Liverpool, cannot be my favorite… Perhaps, the white Rooney, although, at the moment Manseok is the leader… 😀

  2. Henrietta says:

    SH will go to Japan on Jan 17 to promote the firm ‘5 siblings of Deoksuri’ !👏👏

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