‘Deoksuri 5 Siblings’ Stage Greeting @ Shinjuku Cinemart

The movie ‘Deoksuri 5 Siblings’ (덕수리 5형제) which was released in Korea in December 2014 will now be screened in Japan beginning 9th January 2016. Sang Hyun had acted as the eldest son Soo Kyo in the fun family story where the estranged step siblings finally reconciled with each other.  The other casts were Song Sae Byeok, Hwang Chan Sung, Lee Ah Lee and Kim Ji Min.
Sang Hyun and Lee Ah Lee who plays his step-sibling Hyun Jung will be present for a stage greeting and high five at the Shinjuku Cinemart on Sunday 17th January, after the 9.45 am screening. For more details, check out the 2nd link above (in Japanese).
Update (11th January 2016)
Due to overwhelming demand for tickets to this event, an additional stage greeting will be held on 17th January before the 13:20 screening. The high five will be carried out during admission at 12:50 prior to the stage greeting.

Shinjuku bunka
Shinjuku Bunka Building

Shinjuku cinemart
Shinjuku Cinemart
Shinjuku Bunka Bldg., 3-13-3 Shinjuku 6F. 7F
Shinjuku Station Exit B2
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4 Responses to ‘Deoksuri 5 Siblings’ Stage Greeting @ Shinjuku Cinemart

  1. Henrietta says:

    At last stage greeting in Korea, Lee Ah Lee spoke fluent Japanese, so she could be SH’s translator!

  2. Henrietta says:

    Oh an addition session. SH you are great, Japanese fans are still love you! Fighting, we are waiting for your new drama and live concert. 👏👏

  3. Zsuzsanna says:

    It was a funny movie! 😀 The characters were great! If I think about one scene, when they met the dog… So, now SH has 3 dogs at least, so, he really loves dogs! 😀 I liked Song Sae Byeok, too! 😀
    It’s good that the japanese fans can see this film subbed, not like me, who has to watch it in korean and I cannot see any english subtitle until now, although, it would be great!!! And the high-five… and two times… 😀 Lucky fans!

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