From Instagram (2016-01-16)

instagram 16-01-2016
Leaving for Japan
instagram 16-01-2016b
Gimpo Airport
Sang Hyun on his way to Japan this morning to attend tomorrow’s stage greeting at Shinjuku Cinemart.


instagram 16-01-2016c
친잔소에서 저녁먹고있어요..😆
Having dinner at Chinzanso.
instagram 16-01-2016d
We’ll be having stone grill cooking ….. it’ll be delicious!
instagram 16-01-2016e
위스키 한잔하고있어요🐮
Having a glass of whisky.
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2 Responses to From Instagram (2016-01-16)

  1. shandy says:

    Eat well, I hope Yoon really enjoyed the food ~
    So sweet his smile, but I would prefer Yoon to cut down a
    little bit of weight, as he’s gonna make a hit-home appearance
    in soon-coming drama ~ It’s always a strenuous work to keep
    up diet, and it’s painful too. I sometimes feel very sorry to oppa
    for speaking my mind with such a plea……
    Do men aged over 40 tend to pile on pounds without rational
    causes ? It’s torturous to hold up to so many restraints, but it’s
    imperative to maintain a good diet as a healthy body comes
    from a healthy diet. I luv him as much as I luv myself, so do I
    luv to see him keep slim all the time~ always luv you my dearest
    oppa, fighting ! ^_^

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think it’s good if SH will eat a little bit more as he seems to be very slim, or just photoshop??? I don’t think so! Otherwise, he is very elegant! 😀

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