Promotional Video For the Korea Disability Arts & Culture Center

Song title: Polaris
promo vid 2
Related news:
Sang Hyun recently participated in a promotional video ‘Polaris’ for the Korea Disability Arts & Culture Center (이음) which was played during the screenings at Lotte Cinema and through SNS since January 26. 
Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and organized by the Korea Disability Culture Academy, it hopes to convey a message of hope and for the disabled to show their passion and skills with its slogan ‘That special meeting, heart and mind connection’. Its message is also repeated in the lyrics ‘Become a star in the world. My work is going to be the brightest star in the world’.
Besides Sang Hyun, the other participants are guitarist Kim Ji Hui (intellectual disability), musical artiste Kim Hee Jin (visually impaired), sculpture artiste Kim Myeong Ah (hearing impaired) and ‘Polaris’ composer-lyricist Lee Jung Min (brain lesion disorder).
이음That special meeting, heart and mind connection
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4 Responses to Promotional Video For the Korea Disability Arts & Culture Center

  1. shandy says:

    Through the dance, and the duet performed by our fav man and
    one of the ‘Polaris’ performers, the music itself is already filled
    with pathos…….. so great to hear Yoon sing again, l love the
    song, the music, the dance, and our fav man’s smile ~ ^_^

    Empathy, sympathy, compassion, whatever it is —— it connects
    our hearts that are full of passion to the souls of portraying the
    The expression of the impaired reflecting the deficiency of their
    mental and physical capacity, mainly highlights how blessed the
    ones as we are…… We shall treasure what we have and sympathize
    those what they don’t have~
    God gave us so many things to enjoy life, but if these try to contemn
    those with intellectual limitations, is a total pathetic ugliness ~
    Empathy expands the breadth of the intellectual view, and the
    sublimity of thinking.
    I once came across a soundly humiliation of a handicapped store
    worker who happened to be unable to catch up on the requirement
    of a male customer at his 50’s. He was annoyed instantly, and threw
    stone at the store manager for not exhibiting the impaired staff with
    label indicating his dumb and mute tagged on his forehead.
    I was fully impressed by the manager for employing the handicapped
    as a way to resolve their unemployment, but definitely no thanks to
    the one who blatantly and impetuously rejected the handicapped !

    The impaired are privileged to live as humans, and shall be treated
    with due respect.
    Yoon’s ethical sentiment expressed in low tone ( as expressed by
    dear fan Henri ), the lovely gesture, in perspicuity, in verve, in felicity,
    each bit of the sign language comprises of his thorough concerns,
    compassion and care….. The adorable smile glittering with scintillating
    sunshine bathes the world in its glow ! I so luv the aura accrued throu
    the charming curve of lips, as if they are emblazoned with peaceful
    mission and love. Yes, the world needs to be pumped into more and
    more luv, more and more care, and more and more commitment
    than ever before………

    The sentimental pathos conveyed through the melody, the tempo, the
    rhythm, each cadence —— the pitch of low and high resembles the
    emotional upheaval, with whole-heartedness of connection……
    how could one be still keeping oneself aloof ?>>>>
    The empathy that creeps into Yoon’s mind develops into sympathy,
    as he reaches out his hand ~~ so do the rest of those concern in the

    What stimulated Yoon’s great concerns about the impaired are mainly
    the social problems of those biased attitude toward the impaired
    minority, and this perked him into taking part in the shooting. Through
    the promotional video he hopes people get to know more about
    disability arts and culture, and thus develop a more positive insights
    into the world of those handicapped …..bravo ! our adorable man has
    such a big heart, he is actually as kind as well as good as Namjionggi !

  2. shandy says:

    I wish I could understand the lyrics, but the whole song of
    lyrics I could grasp only is the phrase of ” become a star
    in the world”
    Yes, the test of life and the sustainability of standing up against
    the cold shoulders, they make themselves a special star ; throu
    the intellectual disability, they make themselves a miracle (as
    dear Zsuz said )
    Let us open our arms, like our fav man Yoon Sang Hyun, welcoming
    the disability, incorporating them into our life —— enjoy the smile
    of the mute as hospitality and friendliness ; open our heart, listening
    to the deaf, give them a rainbow of colors, they can be as happy and
    blessed as on top of the world. The world becomes a more peaceful
    and harmonious place to live in ………..^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      Your wish is granted, Shandy 🙂
      It’s a touching song filled with encouragement and confidence.
      No matter what it may be, one can excel in what one does.
      It doesn’t have to be something that is beyond one’s reach.

    • Zsuzsanna says:

      Dear Shandy, I think they are really miracles, as they don’t give up, they have faith in life, contrary to many people who don’t live with disability, even more they show us how we can be happy even if we have so many problems… and they can be so talented and they can give us many happy moments through their works and personality! It worth to pay attention to them! And I appreciate SH that he supports such cases! He is good person!

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