Complete Casts For JTBC Drama ‘욱씨남정기’

Left to right:
Yoon Sang Hyun, Lee Yo Won, Son Jong Hak
Im Ha Ryong, Kim Sun Young, Yoo Jae Myeong
Hwang Chan Sung, Song Jae Hee, Hwang Bo Ra
The line-up casts for the new drama is complete and filming has begun.
I like them already and looking forward to watching them on-screen.
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6 Responses to Complete Casts For JTBC Drama ‘욱씨남정기’

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Hope Sang Hyun would sing the OST.

  2. shandy says:

    The plot centers on a chemical synergistic effect revolving
    around the psywar of Ms Wood and Namjeonggi, or she’s
    even closer to Ms Bad-temper or Ms Thunderstorm.
    Anything coz of Namjeonggi’s prudence or cautiousness and
    faint-heartedness could crack the brain or even rasp the nerves
    of Ms Thunderstorm !

    Can’t imagine how the writer puts the discordant two together
    —— with personality as far apart as The North Pole with The
    South Pole ~
    How bad is bad of Ms Bad-temper’s temper /=//?
    Squawking, shrilling, or ranting and raving ?????

    Yoon plays a Mr. Goodie with a heart of gold again, while this
    time with a bucket of patience and tolerance, as according to him
    magnanimity will bring blessings to us—— it’s true, less war, more
    peace ! ^_^ He chose a goodie role coz’ he loves the warm
    personality of Namjeonggi though a faint-hearted character.

    Namjeonggi’s carefulness might have always rubbed the wrong side
    of Ms Thunderstorm~ During the running-in situation of the two at the
    initial stage of disconnection, the three- time divorcee Ms Wood and
    the single father Namjeonggi, inevitably I’d be bent to think about
    Nam’s father, a retiree and later on the apartment guard and the
    younger brother Nambonggi, whether these two very close family
    members would bring their roles into line, or juz the opposite if the
    North and the South eventually finds their common magnetic field
    at a point —— the North who always erupts in flames being put off
    by the South who is cautious enough to detect an air of eccentricity.
    Or I might even digress a little bit from the point to Ms Wood’s first
    divorced husband —— could be more of a hindrance to their
    blossoming relationship, if we think on the better side, he might be the
    accelerator boosting the indifferent two into discovering each others’
    loveliness and beauty, haha ~!
    The rest are good enough to add
    salt and pepper, so is the rom-
    com effect that brings laughter
    and then tears,
     I hope to see aplenty warm and adorable smile of our fav man.
    Though a timid role, Yoon still can be charming and still can be very
    adorable !!!!! ^_^

    • juleecwk says:

      What had caught my interest about Lee Yo Won’s character as hot tempered Ok Da Jung is the description of her having divorced 3 times. Thought I had misread the media article and had to re-check to confirm. Just seems a bit strange that she had divorced 3 times …. perhaps due to her bad temper? Song Jae Hee (with SH in his latest instagram update) plays ODJ’s first husband and Son Jong Hak plays Nam Jeong Gi’s father.

      A thought which suddenly popped into mind is perhaps ODJ’s character is similar to that of the shrew in Shakespeare’s ‘Taming of the Shrew’. And perhaps Nam Jeong Gi (Petruchio) is able to ‘tame’ ODJ’s (Katerina) fiery temper through his ‘saintly’ patience. Think that would be fun 😀

      • shandy says:

        ” Taming the shrew ! ” Oh, sounds jolly well intrigued !
        Namjeonggi is a very patient and tolerant man, must
        be very calm and cool. So by theory, the cool water
        always works on the hot metal, it’s also like the cool
        breeze tempers the hot summer ~ ^_^
        Julee, your idea juz rite serves the logic of her fiery
        temper that might have led to the divorce ~ ~
        Murphy’s law ! ! ~ wouldn’t it be that she hasn’t found
        her true love yet, being agitated and disappointed by
        the three ex, so it comes out to be her hot temper?!
        I’m truly feeling pumped about the plot rite now ! ^_^

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Taming the shrew! 😀 😀 I think Julee, nowadays YOU have really vivid fantasy, but it would be a good idea! SH as NMJ, a resourceful man who can change the unbearable harpy to a meek lamb and after marry her… It would be an excellent role for him… 😀 And if this drama’s ost would be so good as the original Taming the shrew’s one, even more if SH would sing a song in it… Well… Noone could move me away from the screen! I am very curious of the drama.
        Otherwise, SH is lucky as he had always beautiful co-actresses. LYW is so beautiful and her face is so lovely…

      • juleecwk says:

        Here’s to more fantasy 😀 ….. perhaps there could be some underlying cause to LYW’s character being highly temperamental and none of her former husbands had the patience or understanding(?) for her. Then along comes our unbelievably patient NJG who figures it out and helps her to find herself, and they live happily ever after. Hahaha 😀

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