From Instagram (2016-02-13)

instagram 13-02-2016
송재희가 뒤에있네요..ㅋ😁😁
At the back is Song Jae Hee.
It’s good to see Sang Hyun’s update again, this time with one of his co-stars Song Jae Hee at what seems to be a filming set. We’ve missed his Instagram updates but he must have been busy since shooting started.  Hope shooting will proceed smoothly and we can see more updates.
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3 Responses to From Instagram (2016-02-13)

  1. sheeprondo says:

    Handsome Sang Hyun 😄

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    SH is really happy :D, everyone can see, but I can understand. He has a beautiful daughter, a lovely new dog, perhaps, the house is ready, has a good job and there are many funny colleagues around him! Everything is on its place!!! These are very rare moments in life, so, he has to enjoy it very well and show us more and more similar photos about these moments! 😀 I wish him this happiness would last long!!! 😀

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