From Instagram (2016-02-21)

instagram 21-02-2016a
화장품 공장씬..잼나요잼나!😁😁😁
Cosmetic factory scene …. fun fun!
instagram 21-02-2016c
Nam Jeong Gi going into the laboratory!
instagram 21-02-2016b
‘Ok Ssi Nam Jeong Gi’ team
instagram 21-02-2016d
Updates related to the filming of the new drama ‘욱씨남정기’ which is about the relationship between the office staff of a cosmetic company, most likely in the marketing and development departments. In the 2nd photo, Nam Jeong Gi is wearing a clean-room suit which is required for staff working in some laboratories.
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2 Responses to From Instagram (2016-02-21)

  1. shandy says:

    I try to read the message of fun from Yoon’s ” lovable gesture”
    synch up with another gal (must be actress). It must be a lot of
    fun for Yoon first time wearing the cleanroom suit ^_^
    I guess his playfulness never stops him from playing fun again,
    what a lovely man as cute as a boy !

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    I was sure that SH won’t miss a good selfie or selca as they say! 😀 I think at last he became actor as he could try out many characters without any problem and try on many special uniforms and suits without any responsability because of the profession! 😀 I think this cloth suits him very well! In factories where peoples work with reagents or viruses and the sterility is very important they have to use similar cothes even more serious head mask with extraction equipment. Sometimes they look like an astronaut in scafander! 😀 And it has a very high level of security That green “cap” and the green or blue shoe covers are very important to step into the plant, so, it is very familiar to me, although, it didn’t suit me so much as SH! 😀

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