From Instagram (2016-02-29)

instagram 29-02-2016
The falling snow has made it much colder …. take care not to catch a cold!
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3 Responses to From Instagram (2016-02-29)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    The good advice is too late! 😀 Flu epidemics is raging in Europe. The problem is there’s too warm weather here, like usual in April… 15-20°C in the middle of the day and it causes big flooding as it’s raining a lot and in the Alps and mountains the snow started to melt…
    SH has to take care himself and her daughther’s and family’s healths.
    He is always trendy, but I think he cannot be hided in that camouflage jacket! 😀 I like it very much! Does he go to work or only for a short jogging?

    • juleecwk says:

      I’ve never experienced winter with snow and sub zero temperatures but I’d probably won’t be able to take well to such low temperatures. It’s already too cold for me if it goes below 10 degrees C and it’s painful when the skin around my fingers peel. For those who live with harsh winters, wouldn’t it be painful for their exposed faces? How about you Zsuz?

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Well, Julee, when it was – 20 and -25°C that was terrible, mainly when it was mixed with wind… The tears fell down from eyes even if I didn’t want to cry! I was unable to see anything and we had to use greasy creams and we were dressed like Michelin figure, like SH last time when it was snowing! 😀 But I had a friend living in Quebec, Canada, where many times are -40°C or lower temperature and she says: there’s no difference between -20 and -40! 😀 I don’t think so! Nowadays, there was not too cold in Hungary, only some very special and outlying part, like Zadar, which is the coldest point of Hungary. Sometimes I go to the cold storage of my company, where there is -20°C and it’s very cold there! But you know nowadays there are some illnes which is cured by cold, like PCP rheumatism or it’s healthy for sportsman! Then they go into a reefer room where the temperature is -110C!!! for 3 minutes and they wear only bathing dress!!! It’s said that is very good for immunesystem and increase the efficiency… Well, I am just thinking about it, but I was unable to go in until now. I am sure I would freeze dead at that time! 😀 I have to admit noone has died until now, but what if I am the exception? Otherwise, when it’s snowing here, there’s not so cold… But making snowangels in the snow with our body is excellent!!! 😀 And try to grab the snowflakes with mounth.. 😀 And sledding…. 😀 Although, when I was 6, I had broken my nose this way… 😀 And the Lake Balaton is beautiful when it is frozen… Amazing!!! And cold kills the viruses and barnacles…

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