From Instagram (2016-03-01)

instagram 01-03-2016

3 fools
In the drama perhaps ….. but I see 3 smart and attractive men with wonderful smiles here.
Love seeing them in suits.
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One Response to From Instagram (2016-03-01)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Lovely smiles in a shopping center???! They are very elegant, although I don’t like the plaid ties… Well I don’t know the others too well, but I have to tell that SH is really crazy sometimes! 😀 But that’s why we love him! He is afraid of water if he admits or not, but he was completely crazy when he was at the island and he was able to stay under the water for so long, even if he was almost dead after that, just to prove that he can do it! I was proud of him at that moment! But Sang-Hyeon-a!!! Never do such stupidity again!!!
    Otherwise, the happy mood at the shooting is very good as the shooting is very tiring…
    Fighting SH! 😀

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