‘욱씨 남정기’ Poster

욱씨 남정기 poster
Release of the first official poster of ‘욱씨 남정기’.
While Nam Jeong Gi is making endless copies of ‘忍’ (endure), Ok Da Jung is tearing them up.
I hope their relationship or contrasting traits can reach an equilibrium at some point in the drama.
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3 Responses to ‘욱씨 남정기’ Poster

  1. shandy says:

    How is Yoon gonna bring Namjeonggi’s pent-up character
    to light ? I believe he’ll work it out for better. Nam must be the
    one with a lot of humiliation and disgrace to bear.
    I guess I’ll understand why he’d mention the drama genre a
    warm story, all coz’ of the warm-hearted and affable character
    of Namjeonggi. He’s the man who doesn’t derive joy out of
    pomposity and showiness, his paradigm is ” ren” which means
    endurance that could make whichever out of whatever~

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    It could be an interesting drama with interesting theme. As I know the korean society, not the women are in the highest positions at the companies… Everywhere the men are who governs the world, although, it’s said: “Behind a successful man, there’s always a clever woman” Sorry, it’s a proverb… and I think it’s true, just look around the world and history! 😀 Though, now South Korea has a female president!!!
    Hopefully, the relationship among them would be more balanced for the end of the drama as now!

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