Sending Our Cheers

욱씨 남정기
The up-coming JTBC drama  ‘욱씨 남정기’ premieres on 18th March 2016 and we are looking forward to Sang Hyun’s comeback after a year’s hiatus. With just 2 more weeks to go, we expect there will be a press conference just shortly before the drama’s broadcast.
As in previous dramas, we will continue to cheer for Sang Hyun and give him our support. Hopefully our well wishes would in some small way help to spur him on even when filming gets tough and exhausting.  For fans who might be interested to participate, do leave a comment here and I’ll provide further details. Dateline is 9th March.

rice donationCheers for Sang Hyun and the drama Gapdong in April 2014.
Rice wreaths collected are donated to various charity organization.

SH @ CGV 2

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One Response to Sending Our Cheers

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    I think it’s much better to help poor people with donation than sending beautiful bouquets which will be used only for one event! It’s very nice initiation. We also support our country’s poor people with donation, like money, food, clothes and toys for children and do not forget, recently there are so many refugees here…
    Congratulation to the supporters! 😀

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