From Instagram (2016-03-05)

Instagam 05-03-2016a
분위기 좋고 즐거운 촬영장~
잘생긴 꽃미남들사이에서 나는 살아남기 위해 악역을 선택했다ㅋ
Good atmosphere and enjoyable filming set.
Amidst the handsome hotties, I chose to be the villain in order to survive.
From actor Yang Ju Ho’s instagram.
Though he was not shown in the earlier character chart, he’s probably
the bad guy in the drama.
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One Response to From Instagram (2016-03-05)

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    Lovely guys, with nice smile, mainly on the first photo the actor on the left, he is very good-looking. And then I didn’t even say anything about SH! 😀

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