From Instagram (2016-03-06)

instagram 06-03-2016
아침부터 남행열차..😁😁😁
My guess is this is probably a scene from an after office hours get-together where they let their hair down, sing karaoke and get drunk.The norm for Koreans but a bit strange for me to see Sang Hyun looking like this though.
It would take me a while to get used to his character of Nam Jeong Gi who is overly submissive and get bullied often by his superior. Since this drama is meant to highlight the plight of the lower ranks as is prevalent in their society and Sang Hyun can portray this well, then this is another role with a difference but in contrast to what I had in mind …… a role as a villain or spy which I hope to see in future.
instagram 06-03-2016 (1)
나는 날고싶다 1..😂😂
I want to fly
instagram 06-03-2016 (2)
나는 날고싶다 2..😢😢
I want to fly
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5 Responses to From Instagram (2016-03-06)

  1. Mimi says:

    I asked him if that was a scene in the drama but I think no .😂. I don’t know what he wrote in Korean but I’m sure he wants to have fun with us .. He’s enjoying shooting at present despite being tired.. This is completely a different role of a villain or a spy dear Julee,but perhaps we can see him like that in the future.. SH like the variety of roles .. Serious roles need more concentration and a big effort to embody the character.. He was great in Gapdongi 👏👌I support NJG till the end and please be carful taking selfies at the rooftop 😬Dangerous.. May God protect you , our precious oppa 💪💪💪💌💌💌

    • juleecwk says:

      He has a safety rope attached so it should be fine. This pic reminds me of a similar scene in Gapdong where Mu Yeom was trying to save the hostage held by the slasher on the rooftop. But just curious about this scene here …. hope Nam Jeong Gi wasn’t being desperate.

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, I am sure he didn’t want to fly in the drama… 😀 Surely he is desperate, for example after the scene of striptease! 😀 😀 😀 But even if it’s not a real thought about jumping from there, but I think it is dangerous, even he has a rope around his waist or not! I don’t like to see him at the very edge of the roof! By the way, if someone has any problem, I see them on the roof of the buildings. Perhaps, they want to be alone and thinking, but in the heights above the people could have stupid thoughts, so, it’s much better to think in parks or on lower places! On the other hand, in Korea there are so many frustrated employees at companies, and if all of them would like to think about their bad faith on the roofs, there will be a very big crowd on roofs! 😀 Although, the view is beautiful from there… 😀 And mainly for a selfie-maniac, like SH, who takes many photos about himself in many interesting, lovely, stupid and funny situations, the roof could be a fantastic background! Roof-prince! 😀 At least he enjoys it! 😀

    • juleecwk says:

      In the brief synopsis on NJG, I think he was fired from the company due to some mistake he made. Perhaps that had made him depressed and he ended up on the rooftop (in this picture).

      It’s sad that there have been quite a number of suicide cases among Korean celebrities due to depression. When SH mentioned that he too had gone through a period of depression while filming Gapdong, I’m just thankful that he had managed to overcome it and is blessed with loved ones and a family.

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Otherwise, I don’t really understand why he had such a depression period??? Did someone forced him to depression? Did anything happen? I don’t think so, even more we have seen very funny and happy moments during the break of shooting! And even more, he has found the love of his life during the shooting! And he had very good work then and I think he was financially is well! I think this is not that period usually when someone is despressive… Something is fishy!

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