Sang Hyun’s Guest Appearance On JTBC’s Non-Summit

비정상회담 (Non-Summit) episode 89
Monday, 14th March @ 22:50 (KST)
Sang Hyun will be appearing on next Monday’s episode 89 of JTBC’s debate talk show Non-Summit. This talk show which started in July 2014 has a format similar to that of a summit meeting but with an informal debate on various topics and Korean culture from a foreigner’s perspective. It has a current panel of 11 regular members (representatives) of various nationalities, a visiting intern representative and a native guest representative. The 3 hosts Sung Si Kyung, Jun Hyun Moo and Yoo Se Yoon act as the Chairman and Secretary General.  
In next Monday’s episode 89, Sang Hyun is the guest representative while the visiting intern is Ola Hakansson from Sweden. The participants are certainly very fluent in the Korean language and are able to enjoy a lively debate. From what I could make out from their conversation and the captions, the topic in this episode is on the spread of the Korean wave.
As the discussion turned to culture and industry and host Jun Hyun Moo asked the German representative what he would like to sell, Sang Hyun applauded his answer of diapers (?).  As he praised the good quality of the German product, Jun Hyun Moo wondered in jest if he was referring to home shopping.
For more details on the show Non-Summit:
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One Response to Sang Hyun’s Guest Appearance On JTBC’s Non-Summit

  1. Zsuzsanna says:

    It’s pity there’s no women among them as their prespectives are a little bit different, I think! And it’s really pity that I cannot speak korean as well as they do, as I have many very interesting opinions in any themes… I would have talked to SH with pleasure… 😀 By the way, I haven’t seen hungarian flag on the table 😦 , although, there are many hungarians in Korea, even some of my friends, too! And they speak very well korean!!! 😀

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