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3 Responses to Brief Synopsis on Nam Jeong Gi

  1. shandy says:

    Yoon is not merely acting Namjeonggi, he’s also portraying
    life of working class in Korea !
    The drama centers about Uksii who’s the superior to Namjeonggi.
    In Korea the superior is represented by A while subordinate is by B.
    So A and B relationship should be the representation of
    Uksii And Namjeonggi.

    A in the eye of working class considered as ” super A ‘ or ” extreme A’
    , in another words, when A ” exercises unlimited power “, B is forced to
    give endlessly. In Korea,
    so A is considered bossy, arbitrary, arrogant, always patronizing an air of
    While B lives at the mercy of A’s arbitrariness , they are servile, yes-men
    they work at A’s beck and call, hit on what A’s liking.

    In this country, power is supremacy. It has become a subject of sociology.
    A and B symbolize a contradiction. It’s become a Korean culture. Look
    at the 4 steps of the unreasonable and implausible tetralogy —— that
    the plot writer spotted the sore spot of B. They might be the true story
    she’d scoured from real life, and now she tries to bring the unfairness
    from behind the scene to the front of screen. With a drama genre, which
    is couched in the language of rom-com, we most probably might be
    entertained with enjoyment and a possible happy ending. But the true
    story lies beyond fabrication which A and B relationship has been
    contended and hit the hot issue quite the number of recent years. The
    B’s silent endurance of all kinda disgrace and humiliation unravels
    the red light under the sunlight, with the unbalanced relationship of
    A and B, reflecting the unequal social norms of the big enterprises and
    merchandise suppliers, land owners and tenants, superiors and
    subordinates, or customers and service companies……..
    Sometimes drama is missioned to expound the short end of the stick,
    and unbalanced state of mind. I take it as a trick of cathartic

    The unequal phenomena explicitly are rife with the catchword ” A’s
    domineering, B’s tears “. In fact, the unfair practices took its root
    far back dated. In Korean words, A and B are named upon the
    representation of power ranking relationship : with A’s arbitrariness,
    they hold the advantages of their financial resources, or they either
    attach to the bigger organization or conglomerate, so they could
    come that game with B, riding roughshod over B, or even dominate
    and absorb them. Korean’s power and resources are mainly converged
    on the minority of these magnate groups that embodies the long term
    ills of A-B relationship, or A-B culture, it also implies an imbalance of
    power and resources, hence a trend of ‘ B’s rebellion” enters the
    scenario, but this is only episoded in dramas.

    A-B relationship not only exists in Korea, when we talk about the
    pecking order of the social status in the Korean society, ” social
    class ” is already internalized including vernaculars used in daily life,
    causing people’s outlook on the world hold a remarkable view of
    inequality, and a relationship of ” dominate ” and “dominated”. When
    power and money come into play, ” A-B relationship” would appear
    and morph into a tragedy of the weakers being wantonly oppressed.

    In drama, A and B establish a world which is full of clashes
    in-between romance and reality, the plot is mainly weaved through
    the entanglement of dilemma and contradiction between the male
    and female protagonists. A-B contradiction is normally absorbed in
    the dramatic formula and brought into view on tv.
    To win their bread, B has to walk on a tight rope everyday, struggling
    , striving on the edge……
    When one enters workplace, one enters a battle field, whether it is
    good or bad, one has to get through the wringer of inclemency, and
    the baptism of unrelenting spot.
    In order to gain a firm foothold, they have to rack their brains to work
    all out for a living.

    Wherever they are, the A-B relationship and the A’s conduct are
    inevitable. But we must learn to be tolerant and stop before going too
    far, empathy and sympathy are a type of virtue as well.
    The above expression of opinion is mainly adopted from the Chinese
    articles. It stands certain points of my view too, no offence to any party,
    thank you !

    I believe from the plight of Namjeonggi who is played by our fav man,
    we could see some of our shadows in it……
    We depict drama, drama depicts life !
    We haven’t started watching, but I already luv Namjeonggi with all my
    heart, not coz’ he’s Yoon Sang Hyun, all coz’ of the warmth, laughter
    ( but who knows that the lol encapsulates far more than tears) and
    struggling story that voice the sound of countless B in the world !

    • juleecwk says:

      Thanks for the in-depth info regarding the strong hierarchy system in Korea Shandy. We do see a lot of it in Kdramas. It’s so strongly entrenched, guess it’s something to do with having and showing respect for one’s elders which extents to all levels of society. But there’s always the not so good aspects such as the abuse of power.

      Not too long ago, there was this ‘nut rage’ scandal where the airline heiress went overboard with her abuse of one of the staff and was sentenced to jail. Probably just one out of the many other such cases which we have not heard about.

      • shandy says:

        I rarely watch K-dramas. My only fav is our fav man’s.
        It’s truly disgusting of the nasty behavior only ever I
        have heard about . I thought ” kneeling down ” is that
        kinda funny thing happen in drama, gosh it takes
        place in real life of Korean society as well, oh feel so
        bad I …….
        I could only say such thing of overbearing act is
        extremely unbearable. The A party manufactured the
        anger out of thin air. The willful allegation is groundless,
        lucky that it’s on the favor side of God, the true facts
        always serve the truth with justification. There are still
        people with righteousness always showcasing their
        strength !

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