JTBC 비정상회담 Episode 89 (Non-Summit) Cuts

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7 Responses to JTBC 비정상회담 Episode 89 (Non-Summit) Cuts

  1. Henrietta says:

    Dear Julee, SH will appear in this program “님과 함께 시즌2 – 최고의 사랑 [46회] 예고편” tonight
    (2016.03.15) at JTBC onair at 21:30 (KT). We could see SH in the promotion video of this program.

    • juleecwk says:

      Thanks Henrietta, I didn’t know about that. Was out earlier and had missed it unfortunately 😦
      Hopefully can see it later. What is that show about?

      Update … I managed to see that BTS clip. Actually the comedian couple Yoon Jung Soo & Kim Suk from the variety show 님과 함께 (With You) Season 2 is making a cameo appearance in ‘욱씨남정기’ as Nam Jeong Gi’s neighbour 🙂

      Update again ….. looks like I’ve mistaken the cameo role clip as the one you were referring to. Just saw a media article today about that episode of 님과 함께 in which SH appeared. Hope to see it later.

      • Henrietta says:

        Yes I think you referred to the clip shown on YouTube. The episode was repeated on air this afternoon at 1:10 and I am sure it will repeat again sometime tonight or tomorrow. In this episode Yoon and Kim visited the filming site and interviewed SH in which SH said Maybee is the leader in the family. He felt more comfortable and happy to be taken care by the wife. The viewing rate of this episode is the highest ever since because of SH’s appearance. 😀😀

      • Zsuzsanna says:

        Henrietta, until they were not a family, she was also the leader, I felt… but when he and his friends remained in front of the door, I was sure! That’s why he can play so well these roles, just gives hinself at home… It’s pity, I am disappointed…

  2. Zsuzsanna says:

    Well, I think SH didn’t speak too much, but speaking about his daughter was great! I would also like to see that smile…😊😊😊
    The presenters were good and funny and all the foreigners were talking very quicly and well in korean! I was surprised! The swedish boy was very goodlooking, but he had a mistake regarding matches… 😉
    I think SH should have mentioned that he has also many fans in China, not just in Japan… and all over the world…, like Cuba. 😄
    By the way, he told that he loves football, but he didn’t tell anything about it… He should havebeen much spontaneous and talkative… Otherwise, he was very elegant! 😆

  3. Mimi says:

    Dear ladies,I wonder what SH means by Maybee is the leader in the family ??? A wife can take care of her husband and children while he’s the leader☺️😉😀.. In Human Condition show , SH mentioned he wants to lead wife not control her 😄 I’m happy he feels comfortable and wish him happiness forever 💪 Unfortunately, I was unable to see the show on line , that’s why I’m thankful to Suzy who sent me some videos and photos for SH and the guys 😘 I’m thankful to dear julee for the updates 😘SH is lucky to have very sincere fans🙆💞💌

  4. shandy says:

    Iluv Yoon’s elegant style here with an air of gent’s !
    His cheery tone and smile strongly color his optimistic attitude
    toward those around him. The cause of gaiety that elicits his
    generous opinion makes him a man of kindness and sympathy
    that brim with much wit and humor in all modesty. ^_^

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